The Only Effective Title Tag Length for Old and New Bloggers


The best title tage

Now it has been cleared and you all keep on wondering if long or short title tag. I have seen so many bloggers, webmasters that are too serious, like concerned about heading length. Well, it's good to know and of course, we want good SEO for our site, respectively. The title tag is very important and trusts it's the starting point of getting a page ranked. Treat it with precautionary measures because it has the power to boost your website. Most title tags can be interesting the content might be hogwash. So let's avoid beautiful heading but awful content.

However, am sharing with you the latest news about the title tag. Sound funny but you have no idea what heading can for. Anybody reading this ought to know what the title tag is all bout. Is either call it the title of your post or post title. Every blogger should know about that, just common.

What's Title Tag

This is so crazy but I need to explain further. The title tag is the sentence you give your post before you start writing the body of the post. It's what represents your webpage on search engine result pages SERP. It's the heading on any current page you're browsing through. For example, you can take your mouse to this page on the browser bar. You will see the post title as The Only Effective Title Tag Length for Old and New Bloggers. So that's for the title, very crucial it's the first thing you should optimize before another thing.

Best Length For Title Tag 

When you talk about the length for the title tag then you should include both the commas, the space or whatsoever you added up to make up the title tag. It will defiantly increase the number of characters. Displaying your heading through long-tail or short-tail has nothing to do with your SEO ranking. It doesn't affect the ranking in any way. Most things 100 characters serving as the post title can harm page ranking whereas it has been confirmed NO. Why because some contents need it although having a long length tag, SERP might be able to show all but can't affect your page rather it will make visitors click on it the read up the whole length.

Benefit Of Long Title Tag

Well, the I know is that it will make visitors click on it simply to understand more about the page. Especially when the title is interesting as click-bit.

Benefit Of Short Title Tag

The Short title tag will just hit the point. It also appears short on SERP and will make visitors click through it.

In conclusion, Title tag length has never changed the ranking factor for a page for the fact the title is well written and understandable. Using any of them sometimes depends on that post or article you are writing. Some bloggers prefer long titles and some go for short title tags. Though short title tags are mainly used by top-ranked sites it doesn't mean you can use them as an upcoming publisher.

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