Actions to Drive Unique SEO Traffic in 2021

Without being told, SEO has always been a major role every content creator needs to depend on, simply to secure unique traffic to his or her website. Trying to improve the best SEO, sure it never gets easy since Google algorithm always changes on most basis. So while search engine optimization maintains a relentless upgrade to help webmasters in taking precautionary measures for their business, that's why SEO is much more important for you to know specific SEO you need to apply on a particular year.

It's 2021 both old and new webmasters are desperate to put SEO first probably to drive unique traffic to a website. That's a pretty fun idea but what if you are doing the wrong optimization. What I mean by doing wrong optimization is when you are doing what is in place to assist your SEO target

But today on Linkslogs, here are the top updated SEO so far in 2021 which you don't need to miss out on. Please in this post am not going to share the top 10 SEO but am going to provide you with the current SEO that will help your entire site. We all or just a few might have come across three new metrics, called Core Web Vitals. It was announced late last year featuring just three vital roles to improve your SEO and they include Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. Meanwhile, this is all about page speed.

The three rolls are called Core Web Vitals which is one of the ranking factors to get at top of SEO and it mainly focuses on your site page loading, how users interact, and how stable it's for them. So where am emphasizing on this CoreWebVitals which has been updated as ways to differentiate between two valid contents striving to be at top of the Google page just for this year 2021. So page speed, page interaction with users, and stability of the page are top-notch to get you unique traffic without much work done.

Another point which we found out as of March 2021 was the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers which means in short form BERT. Now, this BERT uses machine Language ML and Natural Language Processing NLP to take a deep look at good content. It can figure out how good a particular content is despite how long or short it is.

Google's BERT works together, with Google Algorithm. The BERT which supports about 80 languages helps the new Google Algorithm to conduct proper ranking like it determines how potential a contend is to G Algorithm. It simply means that all content creators should be mindful of their contents because BERT will always cross-examine your content before ranking it on top search, else it chooses the right one.

This is another thing that will push your traffic to a new level. Only if you can do Keyword research, optimize your content,  and avoid things that will go wrong before BERT comes in for conduct. There are so many mistakes writers make while trying to get to SEO and you can check them out.

How to get over 2milion traffic is just simple but required your focus to dig it in. In 2020 there was a post that nearly got links logs its first three million traffic, just that year. It was huge success traffic and as a matter of fact, we adopted extensive experiment which shown us why Keyword research remains more essential till date. This day it's to see SEO experts not talking about Keywords research while trying to tackle the problem his or her client is facing. Taking time to find the right keyboard word before you hit the publish button helps a lot, not only for the past few years but is now a tradition that is revolving around the SEO community.

If you are facing low traffic is either you missing out from Google BERT or the keyboard word you are dealing with is the primary bug restricting your content from ranking on Google search. A good creator will always be patient, research knowing right or wrong. Keyword research, in my suggestion I think withdrawing from short tall keyboard to long-tail keyword is a good idea.

Again, imagine a full written unique context featuring long tall keywords with BERT was written as well. This is amazing because not many people have come to understand more about content creation. Remember, Google loves content when it is fresh and clean. You want to hit on top search then the question is your involvement in developing what can be unique. What is talking about here is that be original, not trying to replicate what has been done using your way. Creating original content is one of the primary actions in the bucket of the list. 

A good article as a whole will earn you not only trust but will get provide your site with external support from other related brands within your community. That's just an alternative way you can drive Google and other search engines traffic to your website not for 2021 only but it will keep maintaining its evergreen. That's the quality of being original.

Getting grip on SEO for 2021 is very easy you are ready to apply those things mentioned above. Another thing I won't neglect sharing with you all of the importance of Featured Snippets. These days, if your post happens to be on Google snippets then you have done great work that pushed it on top Google search. It appears at the top of SERP in that rectangular box. Also, note that there is no way you added specific content or post on Google snippets. Google algorithm does the insight work and then picks the best. 

You might be asking how to create a snippets post. However, an example that has been shown in one of the previous posts about SEO. Is very good to create a post that will appear on top Google search. Should in case you don't know what featured snippet means, featured Snippets are short snippets of text that appear at the top of Google's search results to quickly answer a searcher's query.

In conclusion, I have mentioned BERT, Keyword Research, Unique Content, Featured Snippets as the most basic you need to work for 2021 SEO for better traffic. But don't forget that link building, don't forget to share your post on social media, incorporate both videos and photos while creating content. 

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