How To Improve Writing Skills and Get Content Mediocrity to Kill Box

How to write on a book
The worst thing that happened to me on writing was when I sought a crush to check out my new content and she told me what fellow writers can't even lavish on me. Being my crush I asked her to go through my new published article but she said I need content developer to handle my business.

I was like really, I felt bad because I don't just get it. Is that an advise or way of telling me to withdraw from writing else find someone to do the freelance job. In fact I was disappointed because I never thought of receiving such discouraging sentiment from her. Now I have gotten serious challenge to work on and to prove my potential to her then I decide to abort myself from writing yet thinking about what she really meant by content developer.

To me isn't that surprise, since she has been scrolling across my blogs online probably seeing few odds, grammatical errors and mistakes attached. But I still asked, it's that why she told me to employ content developer after Practice can still makes Perfect. Well it all sound funny but very big lesson, though thanks to her for letting me know the unbeknown.

Now all her funny but serious, points at writing skills which I have finally get it ride out as well gave me inspiration to develop my first article about Writer's Block. So how did I manage to survive even with my audience reading by blogs. Sure below are  three crucial and strategies I handled as regards to writing skills.

Editor's Note: Don't give up when someone discouraged you, it could be a way to kill your bugs that's eating up.


It once came to my notice that you could be stomp out by competitors if you're not skillful on handling particular nich. The worst misguided notion I experienced last five years was when I neglected research. Never tried to research to add classic tips to own skills or do it to write professional. Didn't gave it front wheel but later realized looking around online will definitely produce the right volume of valuables. The main significant of research is to inform action, to prove a theory, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field or study. That's all I have been missing.

Meanwhile, is simply clear I don't actually know what goes on behind-the-scenes while striving to produce material that's capable to stand, standalone then standout. I cease those downside of mine then make sure I research before clicking on publish.

Why research matters to your writing skills 

  • You will be guided
  • Enables you build vocab.
  • It's a tip that makes you unique 
  • You write as professional
  • Makes you content developer after gathering knowledge
  • Acquires new writing skills
  • Fetch you more audience

Keep It Relentlessly

To turn professional you need to believe practice makes perfect just like I said earlier in this post. When people awfully incite reactions on material you thinks is perfect, don't be left alone rather see it as freebies, something you just put out as fun and keep on writing to the core of your great potential. I did recall most mediocrity content I wrote over the past few years. It was actually avenue of verbally expressions from day one readers. I never give up but was extremely transparent about my process to creative content developer.

There's wide array of principles surrounding writing skills. At least the notion of deliberate and consistent writing, definitely going to make you powerhouse content developer. Don't write once in a week, twice in week is the average signal to SEO. The first day I received multiple comments on one of freelance work about SEO, were few readers led vocal with Great Post, Nice Article, Keep It Up, I Love Your This Article and more positive comments just prove my rising to notoriety creator. Always try to know your writing weakness, take it as primary task, know that specific you want to improve then continue to flex it till success.

I was notably told, to improve your writing skills you need to read other writers work ? The hints is to show you how and were they apply writing techniques. Englishlive published about 5 tips to improve writing skills.

Targeted Audience

Oh no the heck is pretty awful when you try doing the right thing to wrong people and that's why you need to conduct extensive investigation within your nich. Imagine when GST 101 professor handling Math 101 course. Without being told those students are being brainwashed. Obviously if that happens when you're writing you definitely have nothing in the bank. As a writer hone your focus towards the right audience, those who will understand your platform and your formation stragedy.

Before you draft out your post to front end, you should know why you are writing, audience you're shelving the plan for. According to post published online, Good writers have pathological interest in their readers and understand their dreams, fears, and secret wishes. You will be more frequently to expand your coast with key factor of writing to the right folks. Try to solve a major problem as one of the aims you bring the post to light.

I remember telling close-knit that writing could be complex without no principles attached as fundamental structure or as the content hierarchy. Plan before you write and read before you publish since they're concepts of writing to fame.

To add more authorities to your writing skills, below are indisputable strategies.

  • Let it be informational
  • Let it be inspirational
  • Let it be educational
  • Let it be entertaining
  • Be confident
  • Be original
  • Be authentic and 
  • Be interesting
In Conclusion, as a writer always have reasons to write not only to shift focus on writing skills. Just write as if you're professionally crafted as freelancer and get notoriety without viral gimmicks and attention, lol.

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