How I Get 2M Huge Google and Facebook Traffic On A Post

How I Get 2M Huge Google and Facebook Traffic On A Post
Hey, Folks am I here with my SEO tricks? Oh, that's not SEO tricks but I see it as a natural phenomenon? Lolz. So am about to share with you all reading how I was able to secure massive traffic to a post that wasn't published on linkslogs. Just on the Entertainment blog, I co-own as well.

You know as a creative writer, I love writing from experience maybe I find it extremely difficult to slice or dice information if am not an authority of my own. So writing with experience is one of the mega-SEO, of course, is a capital YES. I confronted one of my blogger counterpart, Bob Michael who manage his base as a webmaster and tech freelancer on Techbmc.

Talking with him, I shared with him about a post I wrote last year, how it springboard from scratch to millions. As a stable blogger who blogs you ought to understand what It means to drive such traffic to a post and how much it is worth?

Editor's Note: Sharing information online, from experience is SEO approved. So don't Miss write from experience.

So what exactly is this experience am talking about.

Last year I naturally tried writing about J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar dropping a new album in 2020, a solo album indeed. I wrote it without research and on an entertainment blog. Although I already got the idea of what am about to share online at that moment. Now, the two rap moguls haven't released albums in few years especially Kendrick who turn radio silence since his DAMN album.

I wrote it with no strings attached to it. The fact is that I already knew is a future occurrence and it will continue to evergreen till it happens. I shared it not only on Facebook both on Twitter and on more social media. Just within an hour, it got index at that spot Google indexed it as a featured snippet. Check out below.
Google featured snippet
The above image shows the post in question. It was published lately last December but was updated last month being January. This post has driven huge traffic and shares from both Facebook and Google. Seriously that's the first post I wrote without knowing some SEO optimization I applied. I wrote it from experience, very simple and clear. It's instinctively crafted but I later began to trace the cause behind the organic traffic which I figured below.

Optimize Title 

Optimizing the heading of your post matters a lot. I counted it as part of the SEO strategy after I check the above-published post. Optimizing content heading simply means going for the right keyword. Have already talked about Keyword helping when it comes to SEO. Despite that, I didn't do my keyword research before they post online, but strictly figure out as the title is one of the factors that skyrockets the blog post. Is Long-tail Keyword written as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to Storm 2020 with New Albums? Earlier, I said is a future occurrence and will continue to be evergreen to it happen. Meanwhile, both Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are prepping to drop a new album this year.

Optimize Image

While it continues to receive sound traffic from headquarters of search engines and Facebook, I also noticed that I optimized the image with Alt Text. As for the Alt Text, I copied the title to fill it.

Optimize Content

The post, well I just write, though I incorporate keywords like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, 2020 Song, New, and more. I did it segmentally. Some in the first paragraph, a second paragraph then the last paragraph. Remember, anytime you're writing online content, keep it real and don't keyword stuff. I also make use of Italy and underline tools on necessary areas.

Internal and External Links

It came to my notice that having few internal links more the external links matters also. Have tried severally yet received positive feedback back when it comes to SEO. From the post, I only have few internal links then one external link which is Twitter.

Editor's Note: SEO changed in 2020. It changes and it's unpredictable.

Optimize Permalink

Here's the last did unintentionally. The permalink I optimized with the same post title. However, some of the blog post published in the past, some of them automatically shortened but her I make sure I add every single word from the heading. Check below.

Heading: Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to Storm 2020 with New Albums


That's how I celebrated with my first million traffic since my blogging career. It's openly written unintentionally optimized, lol.

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