How To Download: People "Save Videos" Offline on YouTube App

There's this new tips although not trick but you can use it download preferred videos in your android device. Remember downloading of videos on YouTube is illegal that was before and now is officially legal for some country. I mean the app is available to be installed only for some country. I have previously shared how to download videos on YouTube meanwhile you can still check it out as alternative way to download YouTube.

Just with few steps below you will download videos from YouTube. Majority of people has applied this format and is working perfectly not even illegal anymore after Tube made it unique. The downside of this app is that you won’t be able to access the video from your phone gallery but when download videos it will be save to your internal memory. The YouTube apps are the only way to get access to those video download in your phone because of it has been encrypted. The app you can download it for android or iPhone depending your iOS.

YouTube App video

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Another note is that the video will be retained in your phone till 28 days and to delete it you need to have internet connection to do that. To use the app you and save videos, just follow the steps below. Please note again the app is restricted to most countries.1. Open the YouTube app on your Smartphone. 2. Play the video that you wish to save offline. 3. Tap on the Download button. 4. Choose the download quality and tap start.

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