Shortcut Built In iPhone Keyboard For Simple Texting Tips

Shortcut Built In iPhone Keyboard For Simple Texting Tips
Not everybody using iPhone know some tips and tricks about that flagship phone. At least iPhone XS Keyboard is quit interesting but will even do beyond expectation if you know much about short-keys. Let me show you some things i know about hot keys or shortcut for your smart device probably for iPhone users.

Shortcut For Chatting I simple mean text shortcut which feature on iPhone. You only setup this shortcut only if you chat a lot. For example you can set a short navigation as for keyboard. You can create or turn something like how are You to HRU. To most of us that do understand phrases will understand what you are asking them.

For you to turn on this feature just follow this steps. Navigate to Settings >General . 2. Tap Keyboard . 3. Next, tap Text Replacement. 4. Tap + icon located on the top right. 5. Enter the phrase (eg. How are you) and shortcut (hru).
6. Tap Save button.

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Another shortcut for texting on iPhone is the the space bar method. How do i mean ? just in case you are wrong when typing or misspelled any word which you later find out. It might be very stressful for you to use the space bar cursor to go back to the word. Just tap the space bar and hold it then move it to any location of the word you want to correct and then correct it.

You can also use spacebar to add period. Yes is very simple and it helps you improve your fastness when typing. If want to add period you only need to tap the space bar twice. To use this shortcut, just navigate to Settings >General>Keyboards to make sure that the switch titled “.” Shortcut is toggled to the right.

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Turning on the multi langue is another assisting keyboard tying method. One handed key board is another stuff you can also found in iPhone. It helps in switching langues and you can enable it from >General->Keyboards . Tap One-Handed Keyboard and tap Left or Right. Now when typing you will see a globe icon tap it once and you will see an arrow button on the left/right. Tapping that button will launch the other keyboards you are having. Hence, it will be much easier to switch to different keyboards.

Another shortcut on iPhone keyboard is the shift key. With the shift key you can do Uppercase in iPhone. Hope you know iPhone don't support cap lock and you can type uppercase with your iPhone with the shift key. Just tap and also hold the shift key with only one finger then type the later with other finger, may be you should use you both hands to do that.

The next way to do a shortcut on iPhone keyboard is by holding number key just to type numbers/symbols. Some times we might like to add something like number in the meddle of sentence and how can you do that quickly ? Let me show you how to avoid this double tapping of numbers symbols. The hint is that anytime you are trying to add a number or symbols in a middle of a sentence or word, just tap and hold the "123" key just with one finger and then use another finger to add numbers or symbols.

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The seventh way on how to use iPhone shortcut keys on keyboard is by shaking your iPhone. Well not every body is use to computer and if you are windows friends you should know about some shortcut keys like CTRL+Z. This command the computer to undo things that has currently been done. So the question is that can iPhone use the ctrl+z feature ?

Yes it will do such functionality of CTRL + Z command. Just shake your iPhone fast. Now, you will see a pop-up message on your screen with two buttons Undo and Cancel. Go ahead and tap the Undo button to discard the last saved changes. Shaking your phone again will show a message with options Undo, Redo Typing and Cancel buttons.

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