OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition review: 10GB RAM Can Be Expensive

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is rapidly getting beyond the line. Here is another full review you need to settle with at least in terms of the internet browsing, apps installation, Calls and lot more which you all know a smart phone can offer. Technology is keep it relentless with the assiduous way to make sure new creativity is leaping out every annual moment. OnPlus devices has done it again and we can agree that's a smart tech as the OnePlus 6T McLaren is kicking out some rival.

 The OnePluse 6T is currently trending i think there should be no rivalry on the way, even if the iPhone XS and the Max accomplished that specific target which costumers need, may be is time to check out this phone that is yet to be come a landmark device in the glob. This Review is very simple because i don't thing i have much to say about the OnePlus because it has already shown what we indeed needs as to help our way of living. As for those of us who lives in UK, this phone is quite not expensive but can dry off your pocket if only you don't plan to get it.

OnePlus 6T photo

Price: Do you have £150 for the base model of OnePlus 6T ? if yes then head over to purchase it as as device that welcome enticing new features at least the 10GB of RAM isn’t necessary but most of use like play smartphone games should be happy instead of the usual 6- or 8GB configurations it has been replaced.

Design:As for the design, is simple but not that friendly like one of the palm phone we updated its review. The Mclaren side craft or design is unique after showing some attracting glossy carbon fibre-like rear and faded “papaya orange'' and you simply peek that from the back edges of the bottom half of the phone, which mimics a Formula 1 race car’s speed trails.

OnePlus 69 PHONE

Storage: Whats special with the  McLaren Edition review ? Well the hint here is that this phone in question still comes Qualcomm’s fastest-ever mobile processor, the octa-core 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 chipset. This common in those recent flagship phone we are current using so the hint is not much. The OnePlus 6T massive storage is amazing. You know what, most people will always it because the device feature about 256GB of on-board but might awful to you as you will see no external space for external MCard.

Ram: This McLaren Edition is kill it positive, i even prefer it as the RAM is 10GM and looking at what other behind flagship device we will only see some of the with 4GB. No negative effect at following my time with GSMARENA i then understand even if the phone is have the juggernaut RAM number it will still presents it perfect performance.

Battery: You want to hear about the battery level ? things still intact because the battery still show the OnePlus is in no way changing their strategy that fetch them that pretty acclaim in the market place. After examining it with a video playing, siting on a long bench playing and replaying every hours at least it has justify the battery is a hulk after using for it about 21hours as for the first charge. Buying it means you need this that comes wit “Warp Charge 3.0” for fast charge. So do you think the 10GB OnePlus 6T is expensive ?

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