The Best TVs of 2018-2019 Seasons

Don't argue because i fully hope you like seating back when the light is up just to keep all those wall appliances turn on for a certain feature. Most of us enjoys big screen as when peeking on the width and height rectangular shape it provide that sort of quality. Not all TV can slightly be or give a luxury fit inside the bedroom yet there's much pretty ink television with quality and features with good experience when flip on. Well, some of the appeal i have for most people is that majority of us would like to put aside those little inch television to acquire a better crisper, brighter and better than ever before of course it will then put a big breakable wall TV screen. But with well mount, you probably need to accept the satisfaction and the array you see may be 4K and HDR TV for this. Out there you will see reason why people are desperate to buy 4K TV. Although hates can be found around the 4K TV but the good reason is bit better an considerate.

Many of this smart screen television comes in different models all you need is to point the one and pick for your living room. SO WHAT, Links will show you some cool 4K TV to trend this Xmas even till 2019 goes down the 4K TV still mean what it is if only it well mounted and avoid sparking lights. In this post you will also see the type of TV we recommend for though at the best price on amazon. Size matters a you can simple check out below as detailed. You might wonder why is it extremely necessary for some to get Big Screen or 4K TV. Base on answers from respective reputation, i realize it will enhance the TV Viewing. Any native 4K resolution always present detailed picture and sharpness.

The Best TVs of 2018-2019 Seasons

Modern TV is now supporting WiFi which has enhance the viewing experiencing as well bringing in Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Amazon Prime Video. That's another reason people are upgrading their TV. I also think that people now cares about HD TV broadcast just via the 4K, HDR TV. 4K TV pixel makes picture looks more cool deeper. Better image depth only comes from Big Screen or 4K TV. There many important of this big screen TV but let me start by showing those TV you need right now.

How To Buy A Better TV 

Some of the TV you will be seeing here might not suite or fit your bedroom but don't worry because most of the TV models also comes with different size. Are asking if the features are the same ? Years they are but the width and height might not clang together. You can also decide if the table mount TV will inspire your room of course it also comes dimension of 55in. On amazon you can peek on difference inch but doesn't means most of the TV lack same feature. Some of them we are mentioning here is not the exact model but you will see more of them on amazon with identical shape but not size though comes with same features.

Best TV Size For A Room

best tv position for room

Also know that when it comes to size on inches, generally TV size ranges from 40 to 72 inches. That is the best inches for 4K TV meaning this can make your room more comfortable depending room you are living in. Most like to sit a bit closer to the TV while some choose giving a distance. Consider engaging on experiment on sitting positing to the exact position towards the TV. Most important thing is the room, it will show perfect size of TV it need, remember the best recommendable TV size starts from 40 to 72 inches so inside, peek on your furniture if they are manual movable then you are good to reposition them to get the TV space. Also consider the TV stand, i mean to mount it on the table but here you also check the distance between viewers sit and the tabled TV. If considering the table method, then you ought make sure is not higher or negatively to viewers. Just balance it and check it out if better.

The Best way to calculate the best size TV for your room is simply measuring the distance where you aim to mount the TV of with the sitting position. Some the industries profession like amazon and
Crutchfield suggest that the best range of of 1.5-2.5 times your screen size, though there are almost as many formulas as there are experts. As for the viewing distance, it range from 5.0-8.3 feet to
10.6-17.7 feet just for 1080p HDTVs while viewing distance range for 4K Ultra HD TVs 3.3-5.0 feet to 7.1-10.6 feet so you need to pick a better choice.

What TV Resolution Do I Need To Set

There's two type of high definition TV. Just like is mentioned the 1080p HDTVs and the Ultra HD TVs. They are the best categories and most people call it 4K 3,840 x 2,160. 4K resolution is four time resolution of 1080p. Don't get into confusion about the 4K been four times resolution and you don't need to subject it as 4320p. All am saying is that the resolution is the number of pixel that detail the size of an image on a screen. Confusion keep leap out as for those who are yet to understand the difference between the 4K Ultra HD and 1080p TV. The confusion link has detail much about the TV resolution. Amazon has always pointed that 3,840x2,160 resolution remains the best in between the 4K Ultra HD Ultra HD (or UHD) . Some of the best resolution you can apply to TV 4K comes in Horizontal x Vertical pixels are 7,680x4,320, 4,096x[unspecified], 3,840x2,160, 2,048x[unspecified], 1,920x1,200, 1,920x1,080, and 1,280x720. Among the mentioned pixel 3,840x2,160 is the best while the 4,096x[unspecified] goes for the "Cinema" 4K. The 7,680x4,320 is for 8K. Google itself has put a depth about this 4K stuff.

Why Do I need 4K Against 3D TV ?

Don't be fooled with the name 4K TV. In this current era we should have understand the pure difference about the 4K name and that of UHD. If you are following the above saying, you ought to know a bit. Technically 4K blind its name by not accomplishing the big name people call it. Expert who stays in cinema keep nagging on 4K TV. Just let cat out because 4K isn't 4K and i particularly understand that 4K is a digital cinema standard that calls for a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution, don't be confuse by the horizontal. However, 4K is a pretty cool against the 3D at with advance tech it has proven the best so if you are think of 3D just go for 4K even it truly maintain its acclaim.

The best TVs to buy in 2018 under £1,000

Hisense H43AE6100UK

Hisense H43AE6100UK display

Comparing the 4K TVs price with Hisense H43AE6100UK is like when you are comparing cat and rat. No more secret, in fact the price of 4K TV is lower than the Hisense H43AE6100UK following the recent survey. It comes in some models, the 43in is price at £329 while the other model which is the comes in 65in model sneaks under the £700 mark as for the retail price. This Hiesense is quite a crab to some bedroom lover yet it worth to be called a smart TV. Is highly well built and if you stays in UK you will love because it functions around the UK TV apps, something like BBC iPlayer, and the in-built Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube apps all support 4K HDR playback.

The common problem around the display is that picture, most times the
HISENSE H43AE6100UK 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV can't present the accurate sharpen picture but this not a full downside about the Hisense. When it comes to product features, it certified with HDR10, also catch-up smart TV stream which makes everyone develop more eye view to it. Mounting it on a wall pretty as the picture quality is about 1500 PCI. Some of the other features includes Freeview HD with Freeview Play / Freesat HD and HDMI 2.0b x 2 / HDMI 1.4 x 1.

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The final verdict about this TV is the price. If you want to get ride off on all those high price or expensive 4K TVs just go for this 43in TV of course is one of the best 2018 TVs everyone is buy on amazon to suit their bedroom. This 3,840 x 2,160 TV can be purchase from amazon at the rate of £329.00. Just check it out and see the difference.

Philips 55PUS6753/12 2018 TV

Philips55PUS6753 DISPLAY

Another type of TV for this Xmas period but am not quite sure about the HD display. Well i still have some good for this Philips 55PUS6753/12 which you probably not aware about or yet to mount, stand it on a table ? Is a 4K resolution and Ambilight which will be yours if only you involve self with £700. In the prior, this not that specific price but things just go extra good. The normal tradition of resolution still remain 3,840 x 2,160 in Philips 55in. You need to see the HDR feature on Philips 55in yet getting you annoy with the poor HDR performance. Peeking Philips 55 while on display is good but will be more cool not to take the brightness to the normal peak.

Philips 55PUS6753/12 with its potential can explore your day, it is one of the BEST 2018 TV. Buy it is good although it comes with one or two strings attached. You get Philips’ Pixel Precise Ultra HD video-processing system rather than the brand’s more powerful P5 system. It also support an AV type panel. When it comes to Philips 55PUS6753/12 – Design, it looks pretty straightforward, comes in grey frame with some metallic look supported. The Philips 55in also open bar stand and extremely flimsy upon that it comes with smart built quality.

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Philips 55PUS6753/12 – Performance is very impressive and smart when it comes to picture. In fact if the retail price said £700 for Philips 55PUS6753/12 you don't need to argue after the good features added. The LED LCD TV also feature HDR10, HLG format and even welcome UHD (3,840 x 2,160) as one of the Key Spec. Take a look at the dark scenes appear behind much less low-contrast greyness than you’d normally see with such an affordable TV at least it makes it more comfortable to watch. Philips 55in should be one of the TV you can expend your money on of course is also one the best 2018-2019 4K TV.

Samsung NU8000 Big-screen TV

Samsung NU8000 screen display

The 60Hz panel Samsung NU8000 TV is also a smart TV which hits a better review online. Not every likes the this NU8000 which you can spend about £850 meanwhile is even expensive than the Philips 55PUS6753/12. The other version of Samsung NU8000 is another type of 4K TV and the price is higher. NU8000 comes in 49in and cam purchase that if only you have £850 while the other version in 55in should be around £1000. As for the popular spec, the two welcome VA-type LCD panel or lets call it little dark mode because it generates deep blacks, excellent video processing.

It also feature calibration which can't affect the accurate colours yet keep it smart look. Another special stuff is that you don't need to think of burn-in because the LCD panel is unlike other OLCD panel TVs. Samsung NU8000 TV design is built with a shining design feature and this makes it unique even lack plastic feature unlike other 4K TVs that support plastic frame. You will also see a cardboard guards that stick to the sides and protect the screen.

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HD/SDR performance in Samsung NU8000 is great. The colour it all and even the contrast is enhanced. Samsung NU8000 has this weapon against and 4K TV HDR+ upconversion algorithm that takes SDR and which capable of taking content and expands its colors and will immediately open the contrast of the screen. Although the HDR+ can immediately switch over to a warm color tone and not everybody likes this. However, you still have option from the setting side to get it to normal Color Tone back to standard.

The best TVs to buy in 2018 over £1,000

Sony KD-65AF9: An OLED marvel - but seriously expensive

Sony KD-65AF9 display

Okay.... This is another one for 2018 which will also take you to 2019 TVs. Mainstream that can remove a ransom of  £3,999 from your back account. Quite sure prove justice for using this desperate KD-65AF9 which we also subjected as an OLED marvel. This 65in TV worth to be called 4K after the Key Spec electrify the customers. It can also boast the class video process prowess. In terms of sharpest and cleanest it can handle as other rival does. The smoothness color gradation is competition with other 4K TVs in the store. It supports turn on and of pixel and on independently you get a perfect black with the brilliant colours. Sony further ts skills and feature by apply option to adjust the colour on the AF9 just to help users get a perfect colour indeed.

Hmm.... Sony don't want to expect any rival but all acclaim seem claiming by this Japanese company. Do you love multiplying game, may be this time Sony KD-65AF9 can help. Another thing about the Sony KD-65AF9 the lean-to stand. In fact is a pretty feature that comes as a back-up design. The Lean-to stand is even much chunkier than that of the A1 meanwhile if you are about the A1 the current Sony TV will surly leave you attractive. You can even compare it with half-hexagon than a rectangle.

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You might be wondering why the large design screen but the secret is that it help to occupy the two smart subwoofers and this is unlike the A1. They even work on the side of the smart TV than the backward. There's many things Sony has left for us in their new technical work. Sony KD-65AF9 sound system is not particularly goods that the company has enhance on the AF9. Sony has provide a lucrative mainstream TV its company which is currently going on sale. Some of the Key Spec includes,Screen type OLED, Resolution 4K, Operating system Google Android TV, HDR formats HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG HDMI 4, USB 2, Optical 1. So the final verdict is that this TV can be your treasure at least make it a go-go TV for your bedroom and all the same an extravagant and upscale appliance.


The Best TVs of 2018-2019 Seasons

Interrogate people about the LC C8 4K they will pass down a motive that brings them to this pure quality picture TV yet has been subjected to be one of the first-rated 4K. Now the Q and A is that how lavish can you offer to this TV when it come to the price. On the other hand if you get hold of €2500, the LG C8-SERIES 4K OLED TV will become a very own 4K. Let me minor point why you need it. Is a smart TV that has incredible picture quality. Another quality feature is the latest HDR options including HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log Gamma; and LG’s fantastic webOS interface.

VIZIO P-SERIES 4K HDR TV - The Best Performance TV Budget 


This TV is meant for those whoa are desperately in love with quality video and Picture. With insufficient amount you acquire what you are looking for. Nice Picture display without the premium price. The estimate cost is $1,200 and why you should go for it is because it render a deep contrast with a substantial performance at least on budget.  The P-Series TV and 4K has nab a great market deal and the company stepping-up its game lately. Compering the external and internal look, Vizio just shape the P-Series TVs with a new look of course it start with smart three-sided, bezel-less frame and more elegant leg stands. One more, VIZIO TV  is currently on red according to partnership with Product RED because it also assist  to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.

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VIZIO put more assiduousness this time around by applying more tech processing which include the newest Xtreme Black Engine Pro local dimming  and is a combination of impressive HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR performance which will help in spectacular contrast in the brightest and darkest moments on screen. It also target natural colours in a very rich way and even impressive as you peek on it. It welcome some input which is a certain feature that allows you to share connectivity from your device.

So which TV series is the best, may be this VIZIO P might be that TV you are looking for at that affordable rate. If you are desperately on inspection over the best television set, you can pick any of the above  4K TV.

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