How To Prevent Facebook Battery Draining

Am not the only person who is complaining about battery Facebook sucking. Not everybody knows about the Facebook battery consumption. Android and iPhone users ought to get this problem on their tips because if you are a true Facebook fan probably you have already wonder why your battery go down from %100 to %10 and which will lead you to power-up the device again. If your android phone run Oreo then you should also ready how to stop Oreo battery draining adding it up with this particular post you are ready. In this post i will guide you on how to get your battery safe from Facebook chatting. Facebook has electrifying features to escalate the experience with your love once. Is quite pretty but the misdemeanor or the apple behind everything you are doing online is that they will always get your battery low to a certain percent if not plug on a socket. It hurt if you are sharing vital information across at a point your get the nervous from your device which is coming from the battery.

facebook and battery

Lets Find The Best Way To Stop Battery Draining, On Andriod, iPhone and Facebook.

How To Stop Battery Draining: Disable AutoPlay Battery 

AutoPlay serves as the best way to get battery off from its percent % AutoPlay or automatic video or audio play is also one of the important thing you must avoid when chatting on Facebook. I have written some post on how to stop AutoPlay in a very simple method. You can also read that but this time lets consider the pitfall that we normally face when on Facebook chatting. Is very annoying seeing you monthly plan get exhausted in time without not knowing the main reason why everything just get that way. However, it is simple that all those video online play and audio is the basic problem that's causing the whole hogwash. Below steps the the simplest way to get ride off of Facebook battery draining direct the app.

how to stop app from battery

I know you have the Facebook app on your android phone but if you are yet to download it you easily download it from the google play store then you need to installing after that sign in with your Facebook details and the follow up the instruction below to get things done.

  1. Launch the Facebook App from your android device. And the icon (three lines) located on the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Now just scroll down to settings & privacy and the then tap on it
  3. Once you are on the settings side, tap on videos and photos you will find it under the media and contact
  4. Now you have to tap on AutoPlay and then select,tap or set it to never auto-play videos
By following the above instruction your battery will be conserved and it will also minimize the rate of data usage as of when online.

Disable Facebook Auto Update and Background Refreshing

Another common way to stop android battery draining is to disable the auto update.Most of the the google play store apps supports auto update which means they will still carry out their task with any contest from you. This simply means that they will also suck off your battery power as they run the background activities on your device. This auto is on every android device and also on iPhone even on windows and other device. So if your battery is keeping you wondering then you need to check out the auto update if is turn on if yes then turn it off.

As for the Facebook side, you can also turn it off from the steps am going to present to you. If anytime you are using Facebook and your battery drops then it means that the auto updates is on and the background refreshing is also on work so the best to stop it is to disable them using the below steps to stops may be if you are using the Facebook app on iPhone then you need to rap on Settings->Facebook and toggle the position of the switch Background App Refresh to left in order to turn that off.

how to stop battery

For Android, navigate to Settings->Battery->Battery & Performance. Then tap Choose apps->Facebook. (Based on your phone model, this option might vary slightly)

Battery Battery & Performance iphone
This is very important of course no harm but everything will take place immediately your batter is low. You can use the app but note that the notification will stop work after you apply this settings above. Again you only do this to keep the battery save even if you apply the settings the app will not be close when you are using.

Turn Off Facebook Tones/Notifications

Another proven tactics to get save battery via the notification. Most of the social media apps comes with tones or sounds that alert you when an event on Facebook is is about to happen on has happened. Facebook notifications is even another reason that your battery can't stay long as the you you want it. Disabling or turning off Facebook notification is good although i can't advice you to turn on the silent profile on your device but sometimes it helps. Now, you can disable notification from your Facebook settings or you choose the notification you would like to be seeing from your friends.

You want to turn off Facebook notification from your device like iPhone you simple follow the steps below. To do that, just follow from the Settings then Notifications->Facebook on your iPhone and toggle the position of the switch Allow Notifications to the left. That’s it, you will no longer receive any notifications from Facebook. If you are an android user you just follow this steps from your android device. Settings->Notifications and status bar->App notifications. Now from there you tap on Facebook then toggle the position switch Show Notifications to the left to Turn Off notifications completely.

Signing In On Facebook With Browsers Is Better Than Facebook App

If you are not that type that normally observe things then you are yet to know that Facebook app is one the battery draining you just installed in your android or iPhone device. Yes the best way to login to Facebook is through the browser. I mean the web browsers like Chrome Browser, FireFox and some other light browsers. Why you should browse with your browser is that to make things more easier and also to reduce the excess data consumption from service providers. Using Facebook on browser will only reduce the data rate but will also help to conserve your battery energy.

add address on browser homepage

The quick way to access Facebook from your mobile device is by add the Facebook URL on any of your web browser home screen. You can do that on your handy device and also do it on your Windows or Mac depending the OS you are using. Most browsers has their own way to add a simple shortcut on the interface of the browser or the browser homepage. Am currently using UCweb to browse the internet so i want to add a new URL address on the homepage side will just click on the + sign then a new pop up will appear from there you can assign a new URL which will help you to access Facebook.

The above image shows how to add a specific URL on your browser home but if you want to add a web address to your browser home using your mobile for example when you are using Safari then you have to do it this way as shown below.

how to use facebook on web browser
Now if you have done this then it will very simple for to browse Facebook without using the app installed in your android device or iPhone.

Close Some Apps Running

OK here is a simple trick to take. Most of us always like running apps even if the app is not in use on that moment. Well there's this tendency that your battery will definitely run down if this continue. Just like background service that most of the apps installed from google play store does, that is how any any app you keep open will continue running without you closing the app. It will be very pretty to close any app that not currently in use. Facebook should be closed anytime you want to go to bed to avoid red bar battery on your upper screen. This will help your battery to improve and even last.

Remove or Uninstall Facebook Apps After A Long Usage

Yes this is another pretty way to get things solve. It might sound extremely strange but the fact about it is that this also helps. Have you ever wonder or even consider why most of the installed apps keep generating MB every time we are using it. Well this is normally because the cache and the app history will definitely get saved by your device. Now the appeal here is that the Facebook we are using today always all those mentioned so the best idea to extend battery energy is to rest the app or uninstall it and then get it installed again.

The Best Facebook App For Chatting 

Majority of us has already acknowledged that Facebook major app is a heavy duty app and if you can watch, F.BOOk then gave use alternative way to install any preferred Facebook which is the Facebook lite and the one that comes messenger. To i normally update my Facebook with Facebook Lite app. It makes it more easier for use to get use to and to even limit the battery draining. Facebook Lite can be installed from the google play store although Facebook itself also has their own direct link to download Facebook Lite once you login to your account and if they also dictate that you are not using the lite version of Facebook.

Final Verdict 

Another to get your battery on the safe side to limit the usage of Facebook. I know how interesting it is to stay connected with love once at least there should be a some gap probably that should be in the night. If you a Facebook supper fan and normally say Hi to friends may be you should limit the usage.

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