6 Best Dictionary Apps For Offline Windows

Most of the dictionary we are using today are mostly online. If you have download any of the online dictionary you should know by now that charge rate will apply for the service. However we still have another way to get this out by download the best offline dictionary with disturbing yourself online, In this post we will show you the full list of offline vocabulary builder for your android or Windows device. As a student you need a windows or a laptop with a strong and reliable performance which will also help you in running some software like dictionary software, you can see more of the best laptops to install your dictionary just for your study. The same applies to your mobile device. This days we normally prefer to use dictionary on our big screen phone or palm phone which will easily give use access without a pitfall. Reading below lengthy post you will see our full list of the best student dictionary for studies.

6 Best Dictionary Apps For Offline Windows

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

This is one of the tradition dictionary that offer a better learning method. The dictionary app is developed for student who would like to install it in their device. It was complied by Oxford university with words from A-Z. You can simply search for that specific word you are looking for and the meaning and example will appear without wasting any moment. It also feature audio pronunciation which will also help you know how to pronounce that word correctly with mistake. The app is available on google play store as for those of who are using android device while iOS users should go for it on iTunes. If you want to download it to your Windows you can easily get from the link provided below.

It also support synonyms, antonyms at least that's another way of learning your English in very easy steps. iOS dictionary is not free for download so you also pay for this dictionary in other to allow you use it offline.

Download Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary for iOS


Here is another learning app which will guide you grab more understanding just like the above mentioned. Dictionary supports all most the device in the store which means you can also download it on android device without any trouble. However, i will only suggest that you install it for on your android phone, iPhone for your learning and pronouncing of big big words. This app Dictionary grant you are 2k lakh words which can be store in your device as an offline. The app also use network to store and update any big words. Learning is very simple with the app although i never used it on windows but all i know is that you can install it on your mobile device with as your pocket dictionary which can be carry around with your smartphone.

Download Dictionary iOS

The Free dictionary

Free dictionary is a good app also which can be use as word finder. It welcome free version and also paid one. The free version means you can use it offline without going online to look for any further. Is a dictionary that give access to search any word in 13 difference languages which will assist you to understand more if only the first reach is not unique to you or satisfy your intent.The free dictionary app also allows you to do more apart from the very task. There's other tricks that will also help you to build you your vocabulary.

Download The Free Dictionary iOS

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Before buying this English dictionary make sure you own a windows mobile. This is again the best English dictionary software. At a price of $3.99, you get online access to ad-free content. When offline, you will get basic functions such as the meaning of the word. The online version provides more information. You can view wordbooks, graphical images for words, word usage, and others. The Webster Dictionary also helps you with places, people and foreign terms that are more than 20000 in number.

Download Merriam-Webster Dictionary iOS

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage is one of its kind and the one of the best English Dictionary. TheSage English Dictionary features very vast collection includes 12.4 million words. It is available in free as well as paid version. As you know, free version comes with some limitations. But learners and experienced can benefit a lot from it. When you try to type a word, The dictionary app will suggest words. Once you choose the word, It will show the senses, etymologies, antonyms to holonyms, and phonetic transcriptions. More functions such as rhyme assistant, wildcard search, anagram and thesaurus search are useful when trying to edit a document. In order to get updates, to a custom interface, and for advanced options, an amount of $10 has to be paid for full version. Download TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus iOS


Wordweb free version software is of a 30-day trial period. After the trial period, you need to buy Wordweb Pro version. The free version allows you to search the meaning of a word. The Pro version is coming with more options and a huge collection of words. This includes Word search results from distinct dictionaries, anagrams, root words, an example of words, audio pronunciations are some of the highlights. WordWeb helps you in editing your document by showing reference, finding words by matching patterns, editing the glossary and a lot more. Moreover, it will try to correct, warn, and suggest the words while you type. Before starting to edit a document, there is an option to choose from UK or US or Canadian or Asian English. The Wordweb is for Windows PC. For Android, a separate section is given.

Download Wordweb iOS

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