10 New Reasons Facebook Block New & Old Accounts

John just called me angrily leaving awful complain on how Facebook got his 2006 account blocked. But i was not desperate to ask whats the appeal behind the misdemeanor rather i fleet so sorry owning to one thing. I then proceed with my own comfort zone account which am well addicted to but unfortunately i was nabbed by foes who happened not to be my close friends and they got my account hacked. It was a hell to me when my friends started seeing activities on my account wall, where they convert my photo album to a porn hub library. I managed to render a quick report to Facebook help center because my own account is not only to keep own privacy or to build it just for my own self interest but save my friends not to victimize by hackers.

Now my Old F book is gone but that's not the end of Face-booking but i need to verge over and create new one not knowing the system has been branded with security features which is capable of pulling you out of Facebook if you go against their terms and condition. Meanwhile, here on linkslogs, links is going to share with you all what he has been through just to get account for himself since old account become a bad subject to hackers.

Below is why Facebook is hating you and why they keep blocking suspicious accounts without granting another trail for your account recovery. In some prior years, Facebook has alternative ways to recovery account even if your account has been examined with a surveillance that stick you as a user. But all this are now a total obsolete though some of the popular ways of recovery account is now surrounded with a strict platform just to make sure you are the right owner of a particular Facebook account. Links wouldn't want to see account which has serve a pretty decade to get block. So, if your account is beyond some consecutive years be caution with what am about to say below.

Why Facebook Is Blocking Some Accounts

Previously on logs, links shared to bloggers on how to escalate traffic from search engines in the absent of Facebook after blocking your site url. probably i posted that topic base on how my site was suspended on Facebook. Well before i land to final verdict just consider your Facebook account safe without being tush out may be after going through this highlights below.

Avoid Continuous Activities

Since my experience with Facebook account, i come to realize that is highly prohibited when you engage on continuous activities on Facebook. There's standard as well policy that guide the Facebook community. This time around is no longer funny with Facebook if you are found with suspicious activities.

Keep Off Anonymous Friends On Facebook

I don't even see the main reason you are adding people that you have nothing in common with. This gave Facebook the clue that you are a scammer or trying to spam on Facebook. You will likely get blocked if you try to associate with people you know nothing about. You know what, you are a bad guy if you keep adding from one continent to another. Facebook strategy has always point negatively to people who try to make friends from another GPS in such that you make it your hobby. This will get your old or new account blocked.

anonymous friends on Facebook

Stop Impersonating 

A lot of people out there on Facebook seeking for way to devour fellow human. Pretending to claim and render false profile on Facebook wall is one OF the 50% risk that show the evidence why you don't need to ask Facebook for account recovery once it gets blocked. In fact, impersonating on Facebook will constraint your account even disable it after you try to provide your identity. If you are reading this post, think you know what it means to impersonate. This is one of the popular crime people are doing to electrify their interest but the downside is that Facebook keep blocking those false profile.

Login Activities On Facebook

Apart from those things i mentioned above, i still have more reason why your Facebook account is blocked. Facebook is social network that required no paywall. Is free and fare social network and only pay for any marketing you want them to drag and engage more people on just like you pay for advert.

Keeping and agreeing in Facebook Terms and condition only grant you the best feature to access Facebook. I have figured out one of the nasty where people keep logging in from different location may be you like travelling. But any location you are,you don't initiate your Facebook account with any device. Logging in from different operating systems can scrap your account. Probably that's not the device you normally login with but for the fact that is a conceal and can be subjected as a way of luring someone account, Facebook might block that account if this continue.

Email Verification

You might be astonish about this but is quite clear that most of the annoying stuff is when your account got blocked after several warning from F Book. For some weeks i have made my leisure time to work out something. I really confirmed that  verifying your account with Email address is not the best method. Is a mediocre, poor in quality and that's why Facebook wants you to add your phone number for future purpose. You manage one account on Facebook and i hope you create that account with phone number. But in a situation you created it with Email they will keep leaping out massage to add your number.
how to very facebook email address
So where are my landing, simply, verifying your account with Email can only get you in to Facebook but their Root don't trust you until you provide fact that shows you are not a Facebook havoc. This will also put you on bad side and if you add your phone number you then granted more access on Facebook.

Facebook Sharing

Very! Very!! Very!! good in sharing but remember you are not the owner of Facebook even your mom,dad,brothers and sisters even friends are not the owner. You are confer the access Facebook but you shouldn't misuse it. Sharing posts, videos and lot more on Facebook might get your account suspended. Anytime they ask you to upload a photo of you it simply means that your Facebook account is in trouble and if care is not taken you might lose the account.You can read more here.

Sharing A Malicious Links & Spam Posts

If you have not face Facebook restriction you might not understand how it hurt when they block your account. One of the bad factor that will dismiss you on Facebook is when you share links that has been blocked by Facebook. Sharing somethings from a website to your own personal account is not safe. Despite that's your own account, Facebook also cares about your privacy and would not like any activities to harm your account.

Try to avoid spam post even if you have no idea about it but once you are warned for the first, back off and stay away from them.

For Those Who Create New Facebook Account

Facebook is now a hot social network that upgrade its security system. People has been complaining how Facebook flip overnight with restrictions that can't be bear. Am saying this because of those who created new account and those who are about to. If you create a new Facebook account start from the first instruction to fill in your personal details and don't try to leave it later. If you keep them and then move over to add people and create pages you will be block by Facebook.

Don't Post Extraneous Stuff

Even if your ACCOUNT  has been recognized you don't need to make annoying comment or post. Have you posted something ON Facebook and they remove it after the Facebook community dictate it as spam. You need to be careful about this and back off in posting nasty on your Facebook wall. People will likely to report your post if your post looks unreal and if many people keep nagging on that post F Book will restricting and would want to work you through to verify if you are the one posting that spam or whatever they found against you.

Verifying Blocked Facebook Account

In my final verdict, if your Facebook account and they request you to upload a clear show your face and make sure no one is with you in that shot. Well that's the final step that will show is the account will be restored or disable. I advice you anytime you are restricted in such just leave your account for about three days by that time you have take a shot with your phone that clearly show your face in full body capture.

Note,Very Important: When you take the shot don't change the name of that photo, don't edit the photo, leave the date and the quality intact and don't try to do anything stupid after you take the shot and then trying to upload it on Facebook. The best way to avoid this is to take the shot from Webcam may be from phone or system can serve.


This is a new update from 2018 to 2019 and it shows why Facebook is blocking some people's account. But the best fact is that i Links publish this post here on linkslogs after my victimize by Facebook but i try avoiding the above mentioned and things get right with my new account.

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