Palm Phone review: Simple and Handy Mobile Device So Far

It just happen as a new handy device surface online with its simplicity. Since this year we are unable to peek on any mobile tech that will look like Palm phone. A phone you just squeeze with your palm of course that whats picks the official name. Thanks for this phone at least having big screen phone and medium screen phone is another thing to spies connectivity just like when we usually make Nokia phone our simple device in those era. Here comes a sort of device to make your pocket a bit fashionable.

Palm phone review: Simple and Handy Mobile Device So Far

Palm phone can be called a palm pilot that out for some reason and having a good feature something like pros and cons. The Palm phone is a Pocket-friendly size, Useful UI, Full support for Android apps. As for the hogwash it comes with Rather pricey and Woeful battery life. Although below you will be able to see the bad and good side of Palm Phone. Palm Pilot is complete coupled device but squeezed for a reason not even for the sake of your pocket. If you can truly call it a smart phone then be ready to say no to your tablet devices.

Palm phone review: What We Want You To Know

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Palm Pilot is extremely tiny and can be use as a stone towards someone. The credit size device emerge an inch of  3.3in 720p IPS display and weighs a mere 60g. Simple street strolling phone with a great feature. If you have set your eyes on this small but mighty you will negatively ignore it probably that's when you are shopping. This can be the most smallest phone that hits this year 2018.

black palm phone screen

The comfy zone about this phone is the well-equipped features and not just that Palm P a short device but was built the way you are looking on the thick black body. Buying Palm Phone you have a device with Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 435 chip, clocked at 1.4GHz and another heck punch is the 3GB of RAM even welcome a 32GB of onboard storage. Again, the Enticing feature is that the phone supports 256GB via microSD which serves as an expandable. As for rear, it feature a 12-megapixel camera plus 8-megapixel selfie snapper supported.

Palm phone review: Price In The Shop + Competition 

The price is not hash but also a bit of a hurdle when it comes to rival. I was told by expertreview that it’s exclusive to Vodafone in the UK (or Verizon in the US) for £350 with a £10 pay-as-you-go SIM. 24-month contracts, on the other hand, start at a whopping £31 a month with 4GB of data – accruing a total cost of £744 at the end of two years. Oh sorry to those smarts phone that surface this year 2018 because the palm phone still in line with them. Phones like Samsung Galaxy A9,  Samsung Galaxy Note9what about iPhone XS Max ? The Palm phone is quite expensive more than rival mid-range phones we are having today. The Palm phone is unique, yes, but you’d be daft to sign up for a contract as pricey as this one.

Palm phone review: Design and key features

Palm Phone that you don't need to have as an alternative device. Many of us will like to ignore it due to its size but if only you can give it a chance then you stands a chance to know the important of this device. Ask me the smart smallest mobile device i will just mention this short cake phone. Is smart yet little but expensive. Below is another image showing the shape of palm phone but in this same review i will still disclose a bit you need to know about this short finger mobile phone called palm phone.

palm phone on palm

Some where in this post i said that palm phone is 3.3in 720p screen which is the most smallest screen i ever encounter as of this year of phone review. It also weighs just 60g so am not surprise seeing you not getting use to this device after you made big screen your default mobile. Just give it a time and see the smartness, but you need to keep your bulky smartphone pending just to know what palm phone is capable of offering in some of the perspective you normally engage with your big phone.

You can is associate it with your credit card because of it ability to put in your wallet. Although is device that needs to taken precaution, because you can mistakenly some stupid either by flinging it unknowing.  It looks pretty swish, too, with a glossy rear and rounded gunmetal grey edges. Some how you compare the camera with of iPhone and even solitary snapper situated on the right corner, and Palm branding in the centre of the phone. It’s also IP68 dust- and water-resistant.

May be you should count it down as the phone that don't support 3.5mm headphone jack though is Bluetooth friendly. Talking about the battery, buying this phone simply means that want a small phone like palm phone with 800mAh in capacity. Strong battery base on what i have sight on the phone. Another downside is the volume which is not physically noticeable but all needed is to go through the notification and adjust the volume just dragging the notification bar.

Palm phone review: Display

Palm phone has resolution of 1,280 x 720 despite the short frame but that's does't mean is not portable even translating to a dot pitch of 445ppi. Clear shot and also good to take photos anytime. Is pretty stunning as the palm phone welcome 82% of the sRGB colour gamut. The brightness is not bad although we have check on it 518cd/m². As for the contrast, we have 1,654:1 which can't affect the quality of the photos on text. Another good feature under this smart is the capacitive button which can be use as a back step with one press and displays the homescreen with a double tap.

Some of the problem that we might be encountering with this phone is the typing of message or when trying to use the email address. Using the palm phone is quite easy and simple and with the Keypad you will definitely do a great job only that the screen is small which might get your typing under typo if you are not good in typing. All you need is to study it as a book to be similar with the alphabet. To me Palm Phone Keyboard is not an issue to me though am well addicted with those palm phones.

Palm phone review: Performance, Software and Battery life

For a better performance, the phone welcome Qualcomm’s low-end, slightly older Snapdragon 400-series chipsets rather than a premium 800-series processor although all this makes it to perform well as expect. The cores is about 1.4GHz and a capable Adreno 505 GPU also feature 3GB of RAM onboard with supported 32GB expandable storage. The software in this phone very interesting which also boots the phone which is much better than some of the recent android device around. Palm phone also has its own launcher as it also supports its own scrolling size. But if you have notice some of the apps in most device, some of them do slow down the phone which also has the palm phone as the same.

I just understand that standard performance work well with those android device though apps like the Instagram, Apple music and Spotify run slow in this palm phone. Something about this phone is difference with some of the palm phone ever seen. Quite sure it run android OS but the interface seem another thing after we have peek on it. Apps installed on it looks cool but you can even compare it with apps on apple watch which has installed scattered apps. Another enticing new features is the google assistant which also help when you call on it probably anytime you want to use the voice control. You can learn how to set the voice control here.

Palm phone review: Camera

In most case on the camera, the back camera is about 12-megapixel rear camera with a single LED flash that is sitting underneath. Most of the shot has justify the decent of the camera irrespective of the 12 megapixel yet the palm phone render a clear and sharpen shot from the back lens. The camera has stand as one of the best feature so far although you can't adjust the shutter speed as some of the android device does.

Taking a shot direct from this device offer a good quality photo. Very clear to implemented and didn’t feel sluggish or laggy may be when switching between various settings. But people has said the palm phone is just good in other features that comes along with the phone but as for camera you win no award as photograph.

Palm phone review: Final Advice about

Do i need this device or is there's any other pitfall apart from those mentioned above ? The fact is that not most people like palm phone but let it be alternative device if only you want it like that. The size shouldn't matter but the quality and what it can offer is the major thing. The can serve you as you like but bear in mind not every time you expect glory.

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