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Ways to Move & Copy Android Photos to Mac

I know there's many Andriod users reading this post and also those PGK users who still want see how this post might favour Android users. Android and iOS operating system are the popular OS which majority are making use of. I have iOS device as well Android but sharing information across this devices is a bit stressful base one the process you need to pass before you can tempt to transfer file from Android to iOS. APK and PGK never looks alike and things about them keep giving us some difficulty. If you have been looking for a way to transfer file like Image from Andriod to Mac iOS device like Mac, in this post, Links will show us how to do that but all you need to do is to follow up.

Ways to Move & Copy Android Photos to Mac

How To Use USB MTP On Android Phone For File Transfer

Use USB MTP On Android
This is one the common way of sharing file across devices. Very simple as you connect the two end point of the USB MTP from Android Phone to Mac. Once you connect the both end the next thing to wait for the pop-up message. Now form the menu you have to select transfer file and let the mac see it. It will dictate your android via wizard in automatic way then you need to tap on the location or folder where you saved your photos. Now you have locate the image folder where you save your photos, from there you can move or copy photos directly to any folder in your Mac.

Moving or Copying Photos To Mac With Image Capture

Moving or Coping Photos To Mac With Image Capture
You can also do the above mention with Image Capture. There's many ways to transfer file to mac and the second way is by making use of the Image Capture. This I C suite any device and once you connect the android device the image capture will appear on mac screen while your android phone will show a menu where you will select Transfer Photos PTP. Select it as the Notification shows up.

Now the nest step is for you to launch or open the Launchpad and then use the search bar to search the application called Image Capture.Once you see the I C app open it and then tap android device from the lift hand side just under the device menu.

Once it open then you have to start coping those photos to any location in Mac by using the import option.

How To Share Android Photos With Mac Using Apps

How To Share Android Photos With Mac Using Apps
I have mentioned about two methods on how to shares photos to Mac device but i still have more option if you tried those ones above and they didn't work out. Get things like this done, we can also apply another method such as apps. There's apps that can help us to communicate with this two operating system which is Andriod and iOS.

Is simple if only you will install this android file transfer to your Mac. This software is available to iOS users meanwhile it will also help use to accomplish this task with a bit of stress. Andriod File Transfer is developed to enable moving,coping and sharing files across to Mac. The only thing you will need to do is to download the newer version of Android File Transfer to your Mac and get things working.

To use this downloaded Android File Transfer, just after installing it just launch the software in your Mac then connect your android device. Now just like when we connect our smartphones to PC and you will see some options that you need to take to execute your command. Now the same thing apply immediately you connect your APK to Mac and you see option after you see notification from the top screen and then tap on USB. The software you downloaded which you run and the connect your device will show you all your photos from the transfer wizard and there you can drag photos to your Mac.

Using Google Photos To Share,Move,Copy or Transfer Photos To Mac

Using Google Photos To Share,Move,Copy or Transfer Photos To Mac
Here, not that you photos will be Move or copy to Mac but the back you made with the Google Photos help you can access to download it back to any device after you have backed it up. The Google Photos is a place where you can back up files and it will be store on google drive. The only thing you need to do is to sign-in and after signing you can the  backup your files from there if only you want.

You photos will be saved online and can also be access only by you. After backing-up you now use you Mac to download those photos. Also not that you can also use your Mac to sign-in ?

How To Share Android Photos With Using Google Drive

How To Share Android Photos With Using Google Drive
Another alternative way you can follow to share photos you have in your Android smartphones to Mac.Google has some ways to backup your personal information just like they keep making sure that you are covered with their security standard.Google drive is also a cloud storage that helps us save things online. If you are not ready for google photos you can also switch over to google drive. Both can help you share files across devices.

You get this app from google play store and install it in your android device. You can learn more on how to backup your files which also include the method of google drive with some other ways.After installing the google drive you can then log-in with your google email address and from there you will upload photos on cloud.Remember that google gives each users limited GB and once you 15 GB is completely full you can then purchase one.

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