Updated Antivirus For Windows PC & Mac Operating System

System maintenance is something we can't abandon for the fact that we own or manage any operating system. Taking care of your windows,Mac or some other device is extremely necessary. If you are unable to protect your windows with a strange and reliable ant-malware you definitely stand the chance of having your PC or any other device infected by a heavy malware that will seriously get your data damaged without any contest of yours.May be i should drag you guys on a post which was published here on linkslogs which also shows how to protect your iOS device not to be harmed by Virus. Knowing the best idea on how to do more advance protection to your device is quite crucial. You can't be sick about it but sticking around round your PC and any smart device with something that will give it better performance and enhancement will likely to be a good anti-virus. After links listed some benefiting antivirus here on linkslogs, he then decided to update in a new post withe a new reliable antivirus.

Updated Antivirus For Windows PC & Mac Operating System

Probably they are all you need at this moment down to 2019. But if you already have an antivirus i advice you should update it because most of this antivirus if they are not running regularly updated they might be acting like anti-protection to your device so don't ignore any message from your antivirus may be requesting for update.

For AndroidOne Antivirus you Should Trust for Android in 2018

Base on my research so far, i have came up with a new trending antivirus that you need to install in your Windows. This post is not for windows users but iOS users can do better if thy are should look for them from iTunes. If you are using an android you installed it from play store.Below is the trusted and well known antivirus for this 2019 just check them out and install for your system.


Don't want to sound more deeper but any suggestion we are presenting has been tested so all you need is to install and fix your infected system if any. CCleaner to me is one of the trust-able antivirus for windows. But am yet to run it on Mac and for the fact i have use it and it render a good serve, presenting it here on linkslogs might help some of you who are look for strong antivirus. CCleaner is cool to install and its feature is very simple to use without any third-part help.


This is antivirus that one of my friend has used and even suggested to but i didn't install it but i run a check. Cleanmypc is another antivirus that we need to do headbutt out malware from PC. Some said this is an advance antivirus that any PC owner must have and you know what that means. Probably you have try pulling out that troubling virus with some corner antivirus yet no positive out come. Before you reinstall or format that PC i think you should try this Cleanmypc for real. This antivirus also comes with some good feature that help in scanning the system.


kaspersky antivirus for windows mac
Don't even get it sideways. Kaspersky is is my favorite antivirus although there's one the ancient antivirus which Kas. is on of them. I listed those antivirus for you all just to get the previous once you installed update and if you are making use of the any of the listed, you can follow the provided link to update them all. This Kaspersky is developed by Kaspersky Lab since 1997. The antivirus is strong and can be run for Windows,Mac and Linus.

AVG Antivirus

avg antivirus for windows mac
This is another ancient antivirus that squeeze any malware. This system protect has been around for some years and it has also been listed as of the strongest antivirus that people normally account on. I just hope you all know about this antivirus but all you need to do now is to get the latest AVG Antivirus for Windows XP and later. Is also available for Mac and android device.

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus for windows mac
Even my android phone is happy for installing Avast antivirus because the program has been the source of my android on health condition. Avast latest version is completely out so i think if you are Avast fan you need to update the the latest version. Avast is also available for mac and other OS. You can head over to the official site now to get the new version.

Final Option

Now you ready to download and install the above mentioned, you can use the link provided to download them but note some comes with trial version but you can also purchase it official to get the life time using. You ought to know the importance of updating your antivirus just like we most do that on our Smadav security.

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