10 Best Mobile Tracker Apps For Android With GPS

The fondness on smartphones keep leaping every daily bases because it has engaged on immense crucial purpose. Globally, android and some other phablet devices has been some of the source of information, in a business, office and lot more. For consecutive years were technology with its relentless skills always demonstrate the importance of communication at least a lot has been happening yet mobile device still in existences. However, there's tools of course apps that has been acting as sub help to android phone and some other platform OS. So here on linkslogs, links will throw on a convey on security apps that can render more hint on mobile.
10 Best Mobile Tracker Apps For Android With GPS

I will simple share the ten mobile tracker apps for android apk users. Remember it will only help to enhance the security around you and with cell phone. As google play store keep growing that is how developers keep developing trackers apps for android. Meanwhile i will highlight some few tracker apps for us to install.

Google Maps

google map how to use it

Google maps is not a rare app it sits cooler to you at any moment you need. This app is not an obsolete app but it wort to be that substantial app. Many of us has already pre-install the google map on their phone meanwhile it continue to render service in a pundit expectation either by helping us find our location. It also play its major roll in navigation such as the public transportation and it can also provide or assist us in multifarious ways like when you are walking on unfamiliar street. Google map can revamp your business, put positive bridge in the intercourse of your customer.

One the essences of the app is that it drag your business into the google place because it uses it to table and structure your business plan, store in formation about your surrounding specially the physical marketing you need this and to enable it is not only for the sake of your business but to optimize and listed on google search as well. But the bed rock always underscore the importance of google map as an app that help customer locate you. I most published on how to use google map and you can download it from google play store. So the final verdict is that it helps in tracking your business.

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GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions

Quite long now GPS has become a consensus that everyone is adapting to. Quite sure also, many of this app tracker has emerge for a purpose which GPS , Maps, Navigations and direction can be subjected as one of the best tracker app in the word. Is a GPS tracker program developed by appstar studio to initiate benefits. GPS Maps Navigations and Direction tracker is capable to be your surveillance as it allows pre-install on android devices. It feature map that enables it to detail information without a strain. This app is a global use which already welcome about 25 million users after showing the proven tactic to fish out location at when needed.

Getting the is not problem just head over to google play store and tap the search bar and then enter the name. Moreover you can follow the link provided to download and install GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions.

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OK...you don't need to worry about the internet navigation after sygic app has great offline feature that will direct you through the inbuilt map. Sygic is an offline navigator just like i said above and will provide exact location you are looking. Sygic has spark interest and earn pretty attention from people who confer the opportunity to use it on with their mobile phone. About 5 million people has download and install Sygic. In most case, if you want to apply the internet connect to get more info. then you are only trying to install, activate or update an application or maps, download maps, voice commands, or other files, use additional services (if purchased) such as Traffic Information, Traffic Accident Reports or crowd-sourced Police trap alerts.

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Using this it means that your safety is guaranteed. It helps if you are a driver because is going to add more value to your passenger and you should always plan your route well before embarking on your journey.  Make sure you update it always as when needed. You can download it from google play store.

Life 360

Here this is another trust-able and dependable track that can of your expectation. Is a tremendous mobile app tracker that can install the strategy of good services as when you tap on it. To me i see it as family tool where anyone can add circle and group for friends and family in help discover location. You can chat along with family and friends and also enable of flip off the location if only you want to keep off from some circle not even to locate you. The settings depends on you and you make changes anytime you want.

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As is said, you can express your feeling with the live chat to any of your family or friend of course this is one of the great feature that made this app unique. Its feature suitable because it put you to the driver's seat. Some of the great feature of Life 360 is that you control who goes around your created circle, you also control the invite, you control when you share your location as well. Remember all this function with GPS just to enable the app track location. As for iOS users you can also download and install Life 360 from iTunes while android users should download it from google play store.

Free GPS Navigation

Free GPS Navigation road tracker

This app is also a land mark app that majority of people has installed on their device. Free GPS navigation has play a good roll in the community and the importance is that it keep you safe as you are traveling on a trip. Are a driver or a walking pedestrian you can also need this app for route navigation. It provides a unique 3D map updates though it comes with a paywall as with free version. The premium version gives you more feature unlike the free version of Free GPS Navigation.

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The Paid version is extremely good because you access some features like lane guidance, multi-language, voice guided navigation, travel book and also speed camera warning.It also feature offline map which will escalate your driving as the navigation direct you. Is very good noble tracker app that has about 50,000,000+ downloads from google play store.


Ok Waze, this is tracker GPS app you need to sip fact it provide a solid information you want. A array structured programmed Waze is capable of navigating through multifarious route. The special features gives you access to navigate from one location to another of course this made it more smarter than other rival mobile track app in google play store. Allow it to play better roll when the traffic nab you on your express way. It render quick route to get you out traffic by providing alternative way for your sake. Waze is a turn-by-turn navigator app also with voice guide and also provide live map with a relentless updates as when need.

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Waze community map insures that things get much better meanwhile the app has been enhanced with more effective features. Let you contact your Facebook friends by adding the even sync your device contact. Need the app, you can download and install Waze from google play store.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker app

This another traditional mobile track that allows you to locate your destination. GPS track is very crucial in our daily bases especially to those who don't know their destination name. GPS even helps average person to regain self confident anywhere he or she is going probably might been there in the first place. With GPS Phone Tracker, you can get the location of a car in real time. This app also helps in view the location of you friends and even your family once you know the name their residency.


MapQuest app

MapQuest is a global use map app which you need to get install in your mobile. Very easy with smart navigation just like other ones i mentioned above. It welcome a rebust turn by turn voice guide navigation which made it easier you to accomplish which you up to in terms of direction specially when you are walking or riding even as you drive. You can download it on google play store to your android device to get it working.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid app

You don't need app that can't provide what you are looking for. All the Top 10 mobile app tracker i listed here is good for your android device. However, Where's My Device is among the tracker app that can fetch you full location. It has engaged millions of users from play store and has also nab interesting acclaim to itself. Is real time locator which am suggest though you only need to check it out my download it from google play store.


Glympse mobile app

This app is a desperate spontaneous multi-task GPS tracker with unparalleled capability for detecting locations with great accuracy. It lets you track a delivery easily, detect the precise location of friends & family. This mobile tracker as well helps to protect your mobile phone from theft. Meanwhile you can download Glympes it from google play store.

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