List Of Multiplayer Games For Android Users

Java phone is no longer in existence is now a total obsolete since Andriod operating System emerge as the best way of making life looks like LG. I nab enough fun with one of my friend who happen to use Symbian phone C5 then i was using Nokia E5. During those old era my experience with multiplying was totally awesome because we have access to play around without the phone system but hosting and joining our device via Bluetooth.  Well, i don't really know but i stick that Nokia is the first brand that made me to know about this multiplying stuff with the help of RealFotball for Java phone and SIS devices.

In summary, i will say that playing game with multiplying feature is extremely interesting. In fact people enjoy that game because the multiplying platform. Is quite unfortunate that not most of this Android games support this great feature, however here on linkslogs links will be sharing those great games that support the two person playing just like when you play on a console with your friend. If you are looking for a place to download Multiplying games i think google play store can serve pretty better.

List Of Multiplayer Games For Android Users
But in this post let me list out those quality games that normally come with this feature and most of them also come with Obb data meaning that before you can download them you need to have the file with, While some are offline game so you don't need to see any paywall but the only thing we need is the connection via WiFi. There are many you can get from google play store but we have selected some of the best Multiplying games for you to enjoy with your friends. See the list below.

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • NBA Jam
  • Evil Apples
  • UNO & Friends
  • Riptide GP 2
  • Real Boxing

As you all can see it, i just listed about ten cool multiplying games to play in your android device.Most of them are one of those games that i have already played back in the era but here i have highlighted more, may be you should check the below.

PUBG Mobile

I don't only like to play this game just because of the multiplying feature but the game is worth it all just like majority of us that like playing Fortnite games. This game is one of the hardest game for me and is one of the trending games that leave good features for users especially those that manage it with android phone. It is developed by Tencent Game company and if you have played, it i think you should have known that PUBG Mobile is a multiplying game with nice graphic and lots more. Face your enemies in the island with some deadly weapons to make something good as a victory.

Asphalt 8 The Air Born

Asphalt is one of the ancient game which has been around for years. Even kids know much about asphalt even capable of unleashing more ways of taking a winning anytime. We are not that astonish peeking on this game which has escalated with a heavy download on google play store. Of course, if you are google play store fan at least you should have known the best downloading game from that android portal.There's many of those games inbuilt features to help your day on easy roller-coaster but asphalt is also a game which i have already choosed as one of the Multiplying games. Remember the asphalt in question,the air born.

What exactly are you trying to have on asphalt 8. Nab yourself with the most speedy car and bike to help blaze off your friend in the multiplying mode. Asphalt 8 is a bit weird to me base on am yet to accomplish most mission though still learning the game while my friend beat me off on the WiFi multiplying asphalt.


I added this Badland as of the multiplying game after the game justify its multiplayer platform. Never play this Badland but at least have hear much about it even see the layout of the game which is highly impressing. The game also support local player which means you can also play it with your friends. Is available on google play store as well.

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS

This game keep recalling when i was still on Java Nokia phone. Probably it was one of my best game ever. You can crew up with your team to sabotage foes in the game. Is a game that you need to take a sip if you are yet to have your eyes on your screen to play this Modern Combat. Please just know that this game is developed my gameloft during the year 2014 and is a game which i also sees as one of the first person shooter. With this Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS you are entitle to get your own team and bring in your friends to get things started. You can also customize your own action to battle your rival.

Mortal Combat X

Mortal Kombat X multiplying
Hmm, no need to talk much about this game. Since ever this game keep showing relentless multiplying where two person trying to get ride on each other in a combat. However, is a game that you need to put your fingers on the screen and drag and punch your opponent as matter of a tournament though i see it as multiplayer. You can get from google play store as for the APK.


NBA JAM multiplaying
Now you are set to star in this basketball. Get ready because your opponent is indeed set to take you down as victory. NBA JAM is here to connect you and your friends to make the day shorter for you. Use any star in NBA to play as an opponent to your friend and is also a connective game which can be managed via Bluetooth or WiFi to get it started.

Evil Apples 

Evil Apples mulitplayer game
Let your friends who are yet to discover this game get it from you who already know about it. But if you are not familiar with the evil Apples i will tell you. Is a game or a multiplayer that allows friends to come as a group and enjoy their fun of the evil apples. lol, don't get nervous about the name it is just a name. Now someone who has no idea about this game might ask whats the appeal, whats the idea behind this game. Very simple just pick a card which is best suite to the red card.It mostly ends in a fill-in-the-blank scenario, where the judge among the players will then pick their favorite card and a point is awarded to the victor

UNO & Friends

UNO & Friends mulitplaying game
This game is all about removing of card, simply by discarding those ones that are right in the colours or members. Any first player that finally get rid of those cards declares winning. Is a multiplying game to link up with friends. Don't allow your opponent to spy over your card else you lose the winning.

Riptide GP 2

This is an intense online multi-player racing game with many exciting features. It offers powerful graphics, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, all-new career mode as well as a whole new stunt system containing a host of new tricks.

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is perfect for gamers that are die-hard fans of boxing. In this game, 2 players will face each other in a boxing championship. It comes with stunning graphics, full-blown career, multiplayer mode with cool rewards, and great controls. It is a multiplayer game that offers real-time bouts as well as weekly tournaments, allowing you to challenge your friend both offline and online. Up there with the best multiplayer games for Android right now.

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