How Facebook Block My Site Url & Search Engines Increases Traffic

Please pardon me on how am going to be speaking in this synopsis post though bit lengthy. Expressing my agony doesn't only imply that I was hurt by Facebook but also trying to solve some problem which most of us has been facing. For some past interested months, Mark Zuckerberg Fuckin blocked my site URL. You know I wasn't able to take the sour as part of my life after Facebook found my site as one of the malicious URL people should avoid.

Don't Blame Facebook For Blocking Your Site Url

Hackers have made Facebook a bedrock, where they easily fetch crab people with dull brain, of course, they can fall, victim, after they are being brainwashed. Facebook ecosystem assiduously applies plan B which is highly working like when a jet is making its first flight. I don't want to remind you that Facebook has the verge to that point of creating a new strategy that will make users live their comfort zone any time they are using the social app either from the web or via the installed app.

At least there has been a positive change since this year 2018. Mark Zuckerberg, the developed app has nabbed astonishing features even in a tremendous format that just skyrocket the privacy system and their security standard. Now Links shouldn't be the one to inform you all about this of course we all are using Facebook in our smart flagship phones so I think by now you all already acknowledged what my reputation is all about.

Now back to my blocked site. I wasn't victimized owning to my site is a malicious, spam or scamming blog/site but making consistent shares beyond the limit will surely get members in a particular group to sour up and once this happens your site is at risk of being blocked by Facebook.

There are so many reasons why your site URL is blocked by Facebook. But as for my site I realized is because I go against the terms and conditions of Facebook community standards. When you distract people with material that can't be a subject or yield an extraneous intent to people they will report your site as spam and this might result in your URL being blocked meanwhile you cant share any of your site links on Facebook.

If you manage a site and you already understand this annoying message that says
Well, is extremely awful because at that moment you are unable to share your link on Facebook anymore. Hmm, it wasn't that deem easy to me though I can't give up but keep pushing and as a tech blogger, I don't need to depend on Facebook like that because there are many things to be done to fetch me traffic.

Moreover, Facebook is just a website in an advanced way and due to its popularity, it gets more advantages than any other social media in the world. All am saying is this, try to be your boss just like Mark Zuckerberg and even if you are being denied of sharing your link on Facebook SEO can get you the best organic traffic that you can't even imagine.

How I Increase Traffic From Search Engines

I write this post to inform and educate people on how to manage Facebook account and to avoid suspicious activities on Facebook especially if you own a site or blog. I was blocked by Facebook but that don't remove my ranking on search results. It was the unforeseen strategy from the F book but I then focus on building my unique post just to justify my hard work and smart work to search engines and it has returned a positive income. And because of how I was banished from Facebook I then put down tying on a post that shows how to How To Increase Search Engine Traffic. Is very necessary for you to read it and see it work without Facebook. Very funny huh but shouldn't.

My main aim in writing this post is to show you all that your traffic from search engines is sure if only you can apply the method of Search Engine Optimiza SEO.

In Conclusion

Facebook is placing the majority of our backup and interacts with each other. It is also a place that will help you improve your business and that's the major reason we have respective Facebook pages. However, I can't condemn Mark Zuckerberg for blocking by site URL maybe I should keep on seeking a way to unlock a blocked URL from Facebook and if you have a pretty idea you can let us know about that. But while we keep going for that I still point out that you should at least build your SEO in a per cent of 88% just to get the best part. Don't share this post on Facebook but linking it to any other place might help in solving problems for those who are looking for how to improve search.

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