6 Best Podcast Apps for Android

I don't really know the type of podcast app you have installed in your android device but if you are living apart, from this technology world where everything is made extremely easier with the help of some developed app, i think podcast apps has been around to tackle some problem which many of us has been facing. All am saying is the Podcast app is the simplest way of getting some of online music,news and lot more streamed from the comfort of your zone.

6 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Links is back again after presenting 6 best email app for android and iOS but this time i will be putting more lengthy emphasis on Podcast just nab your nervous and to suggest those apps suck this Xmas. In fact i would have change my title as Christmas Podcast app for android. However we all know already we need for the upcoming Xmas just to fix ourselves and sit back to stream more online. Here's about 6 android Podcast apps that you all need to get download as well install as APK in your android phone.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music  Podcast  app

Google Podcast is an app that gives users to stream any song of their choice across any platform. You can stream as many as 50,000 from your phone if you install the app in your device. This Podcast app features free and pay services. With this Podcast app you manage your own songs by uploading as many as you want. Those files like music you upload can be stream anytime you want even with android,iOS and any other device irrespective of platform. The many features that accompany the google play but most features can be enable to if only you can subscribe to google Music Pack. I think you should subscribe than using the free mode because once you pay for the service you indeed going to have some great feature unlike when you are using the free Google Play Music pack.

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Some of us who are using the free pack lack some feature, they listen to a curated stations while the pay users can be granted to stream beyond. Google play music give users access to upload their Music and also get their uploaded music download back to hard drive. It simply means that you can make Google play music a play where you can upload,stream and also download music. You can download it on google play store.


TuneIn Podcast Apps
TuneIn is another great podcast that will electrify your day, it also come with functionalities that will suite your online. Specially, TuneIn is not a complex app and as for those of us who like sporting news and lot more about football,you will enjoy TuneIn podcast. Stream many things that has to do with online. Radio station,videos,music and news can be stream with TuneIn. When it comes to business, TuneIn can help in building financial. Watch TuneIn Premium below to learn more about it

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The TuneIn am talking about a great podcast that drag more of your attention to Entertainment. The video above shows the Premium TuneIn and once you are on that pack you are eligible to get more possibilities of getting more in depth.The TuneIn can be download from google play store.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict
Here is a podcast that you need to see the importance. Podcast Addict give most features other podcast app can offer. Installing this app in your android phone is more preferable. Get radio and YouTube podcast and majority are use as a medium of live streaming like sports. It come with a wide podcast featuring about 550,000 categories. This podcast addict has this feature that will help you search other things like music and more.This podcast also gives you option to change the theme you want.You can also run a like like Music and video podcast just like i said.

Top Features On Podcast Addict
  • You can change its theme
  • Search audio or video Podcast on specific subject
  • Add YouTube Channel, Soundcloud url
  • You can not only listen audio podcasts, but you can also subscribe and read rss feeds of your favorite blogs
  • There is a directory of Podcast networks
  • Import (OPML) podcasts from iTunes and Google Reader
  • You can download podcast episodes to listen offline
  • Playlist, download manager, trash, favorite episodes, reading in progress
  • Manage podcast subscriptions, categories, app languages, languages
  • Advanced settings include, display configuration, update, download, network, player, playlist, automatic cleaup, notifications, sliding menu, backup / restore: techinshort
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Download podcast addict from google play store.

Podcast Player

Podcast Player
In this section of podcast, it welcome more of the entertainment and more about education. You need to install it and alternatively made it one of your podcast. Get the best quality streaming Music and video with this podcast player. Get in touch with news from BBC and more of other streaming highlight. Free songs is also offered once you install the Podcast player. Download Podcast Player on google play store.

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Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic Apps
Podcast Republic is one of the Top podcast that people has developed more interest. Get your subscription providing great feature, live streaming with podcast republic with a networks makes it worth podcast. Manage a lot with this republic as it welcomes BBC,NPR and more services linked along. You also compare it with other podcast i have mentioned above even with 50,000 shows integrated. You will also see more feature that come along, feature like the inbuilt audio effects like booting the volume and lot more.

The app is on google play store where you can it in your android.

Google Podcast

 Google Podcast app
Google knows exactly how to present gadgets to customers and that is why the popularity keep increasing day by day. Google play Music is podcast that present much about about streaming service when it comes online but in other side you can also take a sip with google podcast app. Manage this podcast app with your android OS and get the best fit of online streaming.

There's so many deal that makes the google podcast a big podcast you should't miss. A great services indeed as well you organize. One the best feature with the google podcast is that you don't need to install a specific app to get the G-podcast on the best side. Just like you might have experience awful download without your consent, the google podcast is app you need to trust and don't feature auto download like other podcast apps. Is a nice pod you need to download it from google play store.


Castbox podcast app
Here is another simple podcast for simple users. Castbox a great podcast though its layout is very simple and even more easier to adapt with. Is customize pod that can play Music and get more news updates for daily bases. There's much label in the section, where you can check out more feeds from difference categories. You can only check it out if you can install it from google play store.

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