6 Best Email Apps Services For Android & iOS

We all use Email but most of us use it directly from the browser with considering the important of having it installed in any of the device they are using. One of the important of installing email app is that it makes things more easier than you reloading your browser. It is the shortest way of getting notification from friends, business partners. Probably not everybody may have know the history of internet emailing but even if you are new in running this online with Emailing i think the email service we knew before never change. It still tap on us with the existing platform of texting or massaging in a lengthy and synopsis way. The only that makes it more viral is that it keep existing.

 Well there's many rival in the line, many competing Email apps services with great features. But in this post Links will only suggest those popular Email apps that keep maintaining its glory for users. About six of will be detailed here on links and if you own Android or iOS you can install them either from google play store of iTunes as for those who use iOS.

Popular Email Apps For Android and iOS

Gmail App

how to install gmail app
This Email service is a prestigious and popular in the global. Google own email is a tone that everybody will like to dance on. Gmail is a service that help in delivering internet message. It can be access online either via the web browser. To most of the google devices, they all welcome Gmail app but you can also download it online but getting it from google play store the trust able place to download and install it.

Google Mail is one of the reliable Email service that keep escalate as matter of fact people has engaged even on daily. This day google has improve more to keep users account safe. Most of the online registration use Gmail as one best way of verifying account like Facebook,YouTube,Twitter and more. Gmail supports app installation and this has been the easiest of get your business rolling. You can install Gmail app from google play store but as for iOS users you can install the pgk from iTunes.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail app
Do you want to stand out with your business, Yahoo Mail is another triggering you need to install in your Android and iOS device. A survey has made me to acknowledge that Yahoo email address is for those with lucrative business. This Mail service is likely to be alternative if Gmail does not exit. Yahoo mail is quite simple to use and also supports online registration, you can use it for business  and slightly accomplish most feature that Gmail can offer us. With Yahoo mail you can use it to submit site because is one the biggest Search engine use in optimizing site SEO.

Yahoo is all you need to explore your business, is a powerful service with a strong security. It offers so many services meanwhile not having the app install in your device might be one of the misdemeanor you are doing to your business. The common services that yahoo can bring to is Yahoo Mail,Yahoo news,Yahoo search, Yahoo Map and also Yahoo video. But for you to access those service you need to create Yahoo account and install the app from google play store if you manage any Android device. As for those of who use iOS you can install Yahoo Mail app from iTunes. Yahoo database is the most largest database in the world and it competing with google itself.

Outlook Mail

Outlook Mail app
Oh! Outlook Mail, well this is another Email app you need to be using in your Android and iOS device. However, if you have been so many Email services in your flagship, you should have understand that Outlook is great with the mobile and desktop version. Is a service that can also boot your business in terms of rendering services you ever imagine. Taking Microsoft Outlook Mail as one your corporate email client is extremely great so why don't you install it in your android phone.

I have manage to learn some of the important of Outlook Mail and why you need it for all. It make you feel free and also ease to use. Organize you assets and unlike other Email provider, Outlooks is cool and gives access to sorts and manage massages into folders unlike other Email providers. Outlook also plays nice with SharePoint such that it helps in managing websites as well. When it comes to security you can at least trust the email provider just like google itself.You can install Outlook for Android and also for iOS.

Newton Mail

Newton Mail APP
Hmm, another email app with a different feature. Any mail provider has a specific feature that makes their client to develop more interest for them. You know what we all wants Email provider that will organize our inbox in a respective subject. With Newton Mail you are assured with full Sync and also supports interface of any device.This email also corporate with some of the email providers i have mentioned here. Gmail, Outlook,Yahoo, Office 365, and iCloud are in support with Newton Mail.It supports great features, sent out your massage and you will notify when the receipts get the message read.

If you are yet to check out the Newton Mail, those features that makes massages appears more interesting is not the only thing that most people use this email tools. Most people install Newton app base on the security which the mail provider are capable of rendering. It connects you with apps may be Evernote, Trello and lot more. It also feature, Snoozing,scheduled messages and some other things. You can install the app from google play store and iTunes to take a sip of have said.


MyMail app download

As many of his Email services keep providing what we all need, not most of them can provide quality security. But and install those mentioned Email apps, just use it once and see whats good about them. Another Email app i suggest to you all is MyMail. Here is an email app that can do great stuff just like the other Email services above.The self company made us to know that their service is the home of Mail Rewards and everything you love about the Mail.I never doubt that because you will only do that if only you are yet to make MyMail one of your preferred Email service.You download and install MyMail from google play store and iTunes.


Mail.com is another email you can use to get your message safe. This Email provide and render personalized email and communication platform, where people get more than a "one size fits all" webmail experience, according to the site. Though i have used it and it gave what to be call email service. Is a free account just like google and other ones and you simple create one for your private service

You can install the app from google play store and also available on iTunes.So this are the email apps you should consider in this 2018 and 2019. They all are good and also reliable for your safety online.

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