Top Best Video Players for APK,iOS & Windows

By now you don't need to put a dialogue in this present era where technology has headbutt the platform of playing music as of those olden days. Apps and some utilities installed in a device is now serving as a modern way of playing Videos,music and it also sits as covetous towards CD and DVD and the fact is that the present generation no longer giving a relentless attention on those ways of playing songs in the olden days. Well, we can't condemn technology but we strongly admitting it has pushed out CD,DVD even the physical disks, leaving smart devices for us but has also introduced a new platform with a developed program to carry a specific task just like we are having VLC player inside our android, iOS and more of the OS. We use it instead of the physical disk.

In this Century, seeing music,movies or anything that has to do with entertaining as crap or as mediocre stuff that gives life a negative and havoc aspect shouldn't be regard that way after majority has gave an acclaim with the intent of showing why we need this as part of healthy leaving. Meanwhile loving entertainment activities like music,moves and lot more has already shows the strategy of getting some programmed apps to make our music and video playing goes into the luxury ways.

Haven said the above reputation, i think is time for us to make consensus,applying some enhancement in playing videos and music and this lands us on apps that can give use the better performance in playing videos. Actually there's many video players out there but there's some of the predecessor apps which are more preferable to many people and here on linkslogs, Links has listed those prestigious video player apps that can make a positive roller-coaster. So, am going to show you the best android apps of course video players that can electrify and escalate your day just anytime you engaged yourself with them.

Below are the most popular Video Apps for android ,iOS and feature so you don't need to ask if android support them.Also am happy that you will be installing the latest version of any mentioned video player app.Just like i did on Music players apps that can make lyrics.

VLC Media Player

Oh my God, this is one of the media player that give a remark in any device am using. VLC is one of the prestigious Video player software programmed with the aim of playing all sort of sound format.Is free and i don't think is a paywall software. VLC is an open source and portable across media player and streaming server developed by the VideoLAN project,as described on W Pedia. Is currently supporting both APK,EXE,PKG and i have not seen any OS that count out the VLC media player. Officially you head over to the site to get the latest version as for of my APK android and EXE Windows embezzlers. You can also check the download link for VLC for android,iOS and Windows on our Download link page. As for my iPhone embezzlers,you check your latest VLC on iTunes.

BS Player

Bsplayer for android
This is another none ending trending video player app for you. Although i once use it and it was like to me this is the best ever despite my encounter with VLC Media Player. BSPlayer features both APK,EXE and pkg. No paywall and is a free S-ware to use just like the VLC. Remember that any Media player we mention here is part of the most popular software/app that has the most effective download across global. BSPlayer is one of them and is available for android, iOS and Windows although you can also check it out on our download link page. But am not sure for iOS but as for other OS you can download it online.


RockPlayer enroll with VLC and BSPlayer as the famous video player app that helps rendering effecting. It features more sound format and also play audio as well. Following most of the praise on this Video player RockPlayer, if you are consciously getting rid of other video media player owning to the poor quality or not pundit to play high classic, RockyPlayer is waiting for you to install it and enjoy any high definition move be it action or adventure.It comes with feature that enable you to enjoy your videos.RockPlayer can be downloaded for APK,iOS and EXE OS. Manage your files,customize your controlling button and also see more.

MX Player

MX PLAYER as cool and pretty video player that can handle a lot video format format.It a powerful video player that also have a good advance hardware acceleration and subtitle support. As me i see it as one of those Video that can only prov that can play high definition movies. There's a newer version of MX PLAYER you allows you to get it for your android device,Windows OS and also the iOS users can get it download in their smart device. One of the special stuff with MX is that it has multiple core decoder which means if you are using device with multiple processor, you are likely to enjoy the this player because this feature.


DicePlayer for andriod
For the first,i have no idea that this app has not been made available for iOS and Windows after the impressive work done on DicePlayer.Have use DicePlayer and it work perfectly without any issue. You can also play video with DicPlace because it support more format you know as part of sound format. Because of the subtitle file,it some how similar with the Mx Player but it dose not come with Multiple core unlike the Mix Player.But am not if it can play high definition movies although i have not check that but once you download it you can play any video of your choice to check things out.Currently you can download it on google play store.This one of the hot video player you can get for android but for iOS and Windows.


KMPlayer for android ios windows
Are you looking for the latest version of KMPlayer,you can download from google play store, and for windows you can also download it from the official website,KMPlayer is not a new software but it continue to maintain its glory just like the VLC Media player.The Video player also for SUPPORT iOS format meaning if you are under MAC or another iOS device you can also download the pgk  for. manage your videos with this software to give your video a good look.

Video Player HD

Video Player HD
With this player you can also play video and comes with 4K VIDEO play back.Video Player HD can play more format but not sure if it can give effective performance like VLC and MX Player. This video is a very app for your android. HD video player is available for Windows, You can download it from iTunes as for those who are using iOS.


QQPlayer video player
This is another video in the list of all video player.Not much but QQPLAYER is ready to give you what you want to do with video and is also developed for android for installation. QQplayer is not also multiple core like some of the players i have mentioned above but it also has 3D supported although not most app can have this.It also support more format as you expect.

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