iPhone XS & iPhone XS MAX IMEI: How to Check Serieal Number

Apple and Android IMEI are difference and also iPhone IMEI are also different from each other. IMEI can also be called Serial number and in most smart phones you can see them on the back of the phone once you pull the battery. So, in this post you will be seeing how you can simply check the serial number of iPhone specially iPhone XS and iPhone XS MA which we previously show how you can also put iPhone XS in recovery mode should in case you want to update the device. We also show how you screenshot on those device in question,meanwhile today on linkslogs, links will be post hoe to get the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX IMEI SERIAL NUMBER.

The iPhone XS and XS MA are the latest trending iOS device which most of are still learning more about it and if you have not take your hands on this device, you will definitely get confuse because of the flat screen without no button as we normally sees on some of the iPhone predecessor.

iPhone XS & iPhone XS MAX IMEI: How to Check Serieal Number
If am to give a definition of the IMEI, is a 15-17 digit numbers assigned to a specific device. It dose not appears twice or share with some of the other phone produced with the same company. IMEI full meaning is International Mobile Equipment Identity, that's the full meaning. The digits is use to figured out GSM,WCDMA and IDEN. Now you have that you have know the meaning of IMEI, let proceed on what we are looking and below we start.

How To Check iPhone Device IMEI iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAS

Here am going to show you several ways to figure out your iPhone MAX IMEI but am also going to show about FOUR steps to do that.The first one is through the settings, the second step is via the Sim Tray,from the iTunes while the last one is when you dial USSD CODE.

Step One, The Settings

Buy now i hope you know how to use the new iPhone XS and the XS MAX, if yes, then go through the settings from there you navigate to General there you will see About  and tap it once and the next screen shows you IMEI serial number.See the image below.

iPhone Max version

Step Two From The Sim Tray

Just like i said above before detailing the steps, if you want to see your iPhone IMEI, one of the simplest thing to do is to pull out the battery but as for iPhone you need to pull out the Sim Tray for you to see it. Once you pull it out you will then see it.Check below image
iPhone max sim

Step Three, From The iTunes

If the above steps didn't work for you, then you have to follow this step below to check the IMEI of your iPhone.Just from you iTunes which you have install in your computer or Mac, connect your iPhone with the lightening cable and once it connects, then locate your iPhone on iTunes then you have to click on summary tab so that you can see your serial number with some other information. Note once you click on summary you will see Phone Number then click on the to show the IMEI number.See below
iPhone XS & iPhone XS MAX IMEI

The Last Method Of Checking The IMEI On iPhone

In the simple step, just dial the USSD CODE to see the IMEI number. Just dial *#06# and the code will run then give a massage showing your iPhone IMEI number. This step is the easiest one you can do and most of the Android use this format in checking the serial number of their phone.


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