How to Put iPhone XS & iPhone SX Max Recovery Mode

Is so weird that many of us still getting confuse about the iPhone XS series huh ? just like the screenshot stuff,many find its very difficult to screenshot on iPhone Sx Max but hope that hose who read about that on our previous post can be able to screenshot on iPhone XS max. As android and some other OS has their own way of doing things, that's how iOS keep bring new method of making things soft for users with iOS.

How to Put iPhone Xs & iPhone Sx Max Recovery Mode

The work of recovery mode on android phone always serves as a of getting things right may be when your phone needed to be flash you can run the recovery mode to access some features. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max other type iPhone which we are still learning more it so today here on linkslogs, links will be showing us how to run recovery mode on those device in question.

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While we keep enjoying the twelfth mobile operating system from apple, there's no secret behind the success ? but the fact is that the apple Inc. keep giving what it what when it comes to their brand. The iOS 12 is a surpass to the predecessor which is the iOS 11. But look at that iOS 12 is a bit hard to understand though we are getting use to it so here is how to do more, the tips and tricks to help as when need. Follow the steps to got iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Recovery Mode.

6 Step To Put iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max On Recovery Mode

Please also note that your iTunes must be up to date or you can check it out

  1. Now after you have updated the iTunes, now connect your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max to PC by using the lightening bolt and then open the iTunes. You can learn more about the iPhone lightening cord here.The Cord is can be use to connect your iPhone to the computer
  2. After connecting the iPhone to PC, you have to restart the iPhone this way,press the up volume and the down volume along withe the power button till the iPhone reboota
  3. At this time after the iPhone reboots, you will then see the apple logo on your screen make sure you grip on those buttons until the see recovery mode
  4. You might also see a warning massage saying your iPhone “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.”
  5. Now that you are in that recovery mode you can now do any update you wanted to
  6. If you want to update your apps you can select update and all you apps will be upgraded though you have t make show you connection is sure

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