How To Take iPhone XS - Max Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on any device without a third-part app is very cool. Although not every smartphone have this simple method of taking screenshot but in the recent era, making a shot with our smartphone is very simple though not majority of us knows the how to capture surface of our phone by applying simple strategy.

We should also note that android brand phones, Nokia,Samsung,Tecno,HTC,Motorola and many more of the android phones has difference ways of taking a screenshot. Even our iPhone or lets call iOS also has its format of taking a face phone shot and here on linkslogs,links will be talking a bit about how to make the shot come real on iPhone SX MAX.

How To Take Screenshot On iPhone XS-Max

Many of us might be asking how do i take screenshot of my iPhone or may be the android devices. iPhone SX Max is such a smartphone indeed,meanwhile people are still confuse on how to carry out screen shot with on this iOS device. But the fact is that this iPhone has no home screen button to make our shot easier but don't worry,in this post all you need now follow up to understand it in a very simplify way.

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iPhone SX MAX is one the iOS complicated device that got me confuse. For the first day i wanted to operate this iPhone it looks like i need to be taught about it but i managed to understand how the home button of iPhone XS MAS works.

 It has no home button you will surely find it very difficult specially if you are browsing around the internet and want to get to home face, that will be confusing but i managed to examine and understand it this way, that you just swipe it up right from the button and you will be taken to the home screen.

There's few things you need to know and learn about the iPhone XS MAS.Well,back to our topic, there's some ways of making screenshot true on iPhone XS MA but i will be showing you two ways only.

How To Take Screenshot On iPhone XS MA Using The Buttons

  • The up volume and the sleep button 
  • Now press and hold the up volume button with the power at the same time and see the shot taken
As you can see that's almost the same method of taking a screen shot with some of the android device by applying the up volume and the power button as the same time.

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How To Take Screenshot On iPhone XS MA using Assistive Touch
Yeah here is the second way to enable you have your screenshot from iPhone XS MAX with iOS version 12 by using assistive touch just follow the step below to make you screenshot

How to Apply/Enable The Assistive

  • From the settings
  • You go to general
  • Then you select accessibility 
  • Then toggle on assistive touch

Time To Take A Screenshot With Assistive

  • First thing you have to enable the assistive
  • Then go to your settings
  • Select general
  • After that you have to click on assistive button
  • Then you have to click on customize top-level menu and scroll down to add a screenshot.

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