How To Remove Recent Apps From Dock MacOS Mojave

When buy some thing at a point you try using it but getting that difficult, that's exactly what the MacSO majave has been doing to most of the users who finally upgrade to the new Dock MacOS Mojave. Base on complain i received from physical users near me, they keep asking how can i do this, remove or hide the recent apps from dock Mac. While they worry about this i then came up with this post after my research has been made. However, i guess they not the only person who are seeking for this problem to be solved.

Here on linklogs, links will be guiding us on how to handle recent post from the desktop just like when you try to hide task bar from Windows. This post written in a very short format so to enable you guys get it very fast. But before i continue, also know that Dock MacOS Mojave has some good feature that most of has been straight eyes for.

How To Remove Recent Apps From Dock MacOS Mojave

They include Dark Mode which can serve as when you are using twitter or YouTube black mode. It also support Dynamic Desktop which gives much access to make changes on wallpapers. Another feature to be found  on Dock Mac  OS is the Desktop Stack. Hope you all know what that means but let me explain it in a very short way.

The Desktop Stack allows you to sort out file format. You don't need to go through advance way of create folders that will separate your file format but the desktop stack is feature that will allow you to sort those file format or extension accordingly. Just from the desktop of your dock and do your right click just from the empty space from the menu and there you will see use stack. Just one click on use stack and see your disarranged folders get arranged.

Some of the great features includes the screenshot and of course if you like making or grabbing your screen interface, dock is here to help you. Now, how can i screenshot from my Dock MacOS Mojave ? very simple just use your cmd plus the shift and then add 5 cmd+shift+5 and see it work.

The continuity camera,the redesign app store are also the good things about the  Dock MacOS Mojave. So if you are yet to be purchase it i think you have great features for yourself. But if you have one  and don't know how to remove or hide the recent apps below is how you can do that.

How To Remove or Hide the Recent Apps from MacOS Mojav

  • Open the system preference : and you get this from the left corner of your Mac
  • Once you click it and it open, locate your dock and click on it 
  • A new window will open then scroll down and you will see a box then deselect.The box is where you can remove it.


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