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As the world turns into technology arena it continue to leap out individual attention, where anybody can wake up one day and table out what he or she gat for the world of course making online marketing the best way to escalate a certain target. You know what, i don't think am the only tech blogger whose outward is to present any astonish content may be in a lengthy or in synopsis way. Probably, as a blogger i ought to face rival in the online blogging game and for me and you to overcome, we only needs the positive aspect. It implies that assiduousness, smart-work, being unique and making a relentless sacrifice is the key. For some consecutive years though not a decade, i found myself into the wrong part of blogging but to be frank it was fun and enjoyable without implementing what we called search engine optimizer (SEO) . But as time continue to clock tic tic i began to realize those nasty hogwash after someone negotiated with me on a sponsored post.

Well, it was extremely weird to me, and as someone who has no idea about the SEO tools but later realize his or her mistakes i think you need to make refresh or make your corrections. So what are my trying to say ?

How I Corrected My SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimizer is what you need as you called yourself a blogger.  Is not all about keeping a regular update on a media website,tech blog or any type of blog. Remember many out there with a respective intent of making a prestigious blog post might be focusing on public update but don't care about SEO most specially to new bloggers. I once nab myself this victim meanwhile my SEO wasn't pundit to my blog. But i fixed all this awful though to me it looks so miserable and i first start by .

Making Research To Escalate My Blog Traffic 

Now that i know my downside, i need to fix this search engine bugs that nearly kicked me out in the rival line. First thing i applied is making a calm down research which took me about a week to be excellent about SEO. As a blogger be it personal business or whatever and as far it comes online and has something to do with .com, .net, .org, .edu and more of them, all you need to do is to make SEO your friend. Make your research about the latest way to optimize your website. If i should render more emphasis may be that should be for upcoming bloggers and if you are one of them reading this post that means this post is for you.

Don't focus on being able to post at least 20 updates a day and i bet all those post is plagiarize because i don't expect such to happen. Seeing a new blog created in past few days with such maximum post on a blog about 20 a day can be subjected to a plagiarize material. Of course you are the only person who is presently acting as an admin. So try to justify your innocence by posting your unique content and keep making research.

 Learn & Apply Your Research

Here my reputation goes to new and old bloggers or webmasters. Most times we try to fix our mistake by asking google or any other S engine just get something done. When it comes to blogging, there's varieties of things to be handle and we get help from google to a specific site that will show what you are looking for. If the post you were directed from google after typing and hitting on the search bar worth it all, simply apply them to take effect. May  be you search how to improve your traffic from search engine and you got the result. Make sure you take a sip to it just like you are getting information here on Linkslogs and this will help you old or new blogger.

Blogging Platform & Standard 

So many ways, so many strategy out trying to have the best share. Are you are blogger and what exactly platform, version are you using. The Word blog can be subjected to a peaces of material likely to be an online activities where people can be informed,educate, get solution to their personal problems. So getting a standard for your blog matters a lot to search engines. It tells the Search engine what your blog is all about and to crown it all, there's two most popular bogging platform which is blogger and wordpress.

blogger wordpress search engine traffic

Despite you are currently reading this post under blogger, i suggesting wordprss is a surpass and it has so many plug in to help build organic traffic from search engines.Getting a clue about wordpress and blogger will definitely clear doubt. Blogger is managed by google whereas wordpress is managed my worldpress community according to quora. Many people develop more interest on W press though is expensive some how but blogger is free.

Writing A Content SEO

Writing a quality post on your blog triggers search engines. You see, for the pass years i learnt that writing a unique post,content or lets call it article probably whatever that has to do with Microsoft Word is one of the prolific method to magnate SEO. A content with a curb words has nothing to do with search engines. Is a mediocre and google with other engines will ignore it as a content with no substantial in other words the possibility of getting organic search is not even guaranteed. Sometimes a lengthy content will always present a positive roller-coaster. It signals the Search engines and direct visitors that this blog content is not an extraneous. Being a good content creator with trending topic to blow up and provide a massive organic traffic.

seo content and organic traffic

As a new blogger in the game, stop putting a harm to your blog,causing a misdemeanor is directly going against SEO. The nature of your content determine your position on search result. Always try to take a proper advantage when trying to blog-post. Make it your responsible and bear it in mind that rivalry keep striking as a matter of fact writing a quality post stands that chance to beat off your competitors.

Create A Low Bounce Rate Content Not A Pogo-sticking 

It looks similar to what i said above but there's a cool different. Creating a pogo-sticking content is such a faze. It derange your effort and tells search engines that this post a beautiful nonsense. How many times have you google something from the google search and luckily you where highlighted with the top 10 post. Now, from the first post among listed 10, you clicked on it and you see a hug and lengthy words but at the same time the post was strange and you quickly click the back arrow from your browser.
why bounce rate is bad pogo-sticking

Now you take a step back and it gets you to the first top 10 and this time you ignore the first post you clicked earlier and then click on the second.Reading the second post with happiness of courses that's exactly what you look for. Simply, a pogo-sticking is where someone create a post which appears on search engines but it was full of verbally written. When a searcher from Search engine land on that post and immediately go back it implies that post is not even encouraging and it was full of mistakes and strange as i said and once a reader sees it he or she needs to click the back arrow to bounce out without spending a deem time on that page.You might use the link above to learn more about a bounce rate content and pogo-sticking.

Good Keyword Structure

Keyword is power, long tail or shot tail. This is one of the first thing you should put in the list. Keyword also determine what your content is about and the best format to get ride off of crawling and wake content is your Keyword. Google itself found fondness when keyword is having a minimum of four to five world which represent the post title. You have to identify the trending audience for post. Make your research to build your post and even applies those words in the body of your post but don't over do it like keyword stuffing.Below is what you should consider when creating a keyword according bruceclay.

how to select evergreen kedword FOR SEO

  • Know your audience
  • Make a brainstorm
  • Review your log files
  • Test your keyword online via the google search to see how it is been structured by top sites
  • See the site you want to compete with and which has apply the same keyword yours
  • Bring in google adwords 
  • Twist your keyword
  • sort and filter keyword list

Improve Your Writing Skills

Creating a post that will meet up google terms is cool to be engage on. google,yahoo,duckduck and others likes a post where people will easily understand a webpage and once this happened that page will be ranked. Some webpages with a  synopsis normally rank higher than a page with full of words. The reason is simple. Is either the page is directly providing the exact expected by the searchers or the writer of that post has leave an impressive evergreen content probably it will continue to bring a massive traffic to that specific site. Meanwhile creating evergreen post has many things to do with your writing skills which will present the most perfect strategy to satisfied readers.

improve your writing skills

So how can someone improve writing skills ? Is matter of consistency to your assiduousness. Getting a pretty formation for your writing skills is something you need. I remember the time i wasn't extremely tremendous to put some good writing skills down to linkslogs. During those of my past crux, most of my past posts don't even sits to trend online or to return with benefiting outcome. But after meditating and making by research, the plan B becomes the crucial stuff which i need to apply here on linkslogs. A good writing skills don't only retain your reader but also help in building your SEO in between your competitors.

Get Back links,Bound links,Internal and External Blinks To Your Blog

Back linking looks to hard huh ? no i don't think much about that because getting a backlinks to your site is not that stressful but it needs time to build. Search engines keep indexing a post from a blog that always abide the whole link that has to do with external,internal and even bound links. In fact when ever you are writing a great post always try to apply bound links. Bound links are links from other Top ranked website. You get them in your post which will tap searching that this site trusted

linking out top bound links

,To any post you are working don't even think the past satisfied SEO the answer is capital no. No content perfect so that's why we can only do our best when trying to present any of our work done online. To be at the safe said, backlink has always been the best way to drag Search engines. Linking out bound links, bringing in your internal links and after publishing that very post you then receive amazing external links which can act or justify the importance of your content. Make a smart work and also make sure that you are stronger than your skills when writing a post. Don't be deceived that you can't earn organic traffic from search engines with applying links.

As you reading this post you can see that i have some outgoing links to some of those site that has been in the before linkslogs. But remember that am trying to satisfies SEO for some cost. Learn how to build your site with backlinks to help your SEO.


Your published post should be updated if necessary. Don't claim that they are good but review them and update them with your now skills and strategy. You need to do this to get search engines index those post probably they might index your blog/site but owing to some issues some post might be skipped. But now you have understand how search works, do your own part and expect something good.

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