Download & Install PES 19 Android + Obb Data File

This year 2018 is full of advance stuff just like we keep seeing games of 2019 in this year 2018. A lot of downloadable in our download link page even includes the Dream League soccer and the EA FIFA 19 sports. Today links you will be download a new soccer for and android device but am not for those of you using iOS device probably have not seen a update but if there's any download file for your device definitely will let you all know about but as for here comes how to download and install PES 19 foe APK and you will also download the Obb and the data file of this game on our link page.

I also think this game arrived late unlike those who are strongly playing it this game on console and windows which also features most of our expectation. In this game PES 19 you will see most of prestigious football top stars. Nice game released by Konami inc and most of the functionality gives us much access to handle the play ground and of course you can also play this game offline just FIFA and Dream League soccer and there's no paywall or any restriction for not to play this game.

Download & Install PES 19 Android + Obb Date File

So, don't need to worry but also note in most of these game there's some function and features you will need to unlock for you to enjoy it, i think you know what exactly i mean as for those who are king in soccer game. No weird,No awful but everything is straight forward in PES 19 and if you think this game is coming with online mode,you might not be sure because everything has been tested. Don't keep struggling because after download the Obb Data file and the APK format, you are  eligible to play the PES 19 on offline mode.

Below, Links will be showing the simple method of get this game played on android and some of other things includes the major things you need to know about this PES 19.Other note for you is  that this Pro evolution soccer is yet to show on google play store so if you try searching for PES 2019 on google play store you be disappointed as for now. But as for those that are enjoy this Pro Evolution are those who have PlayStaion,Windows and today comes for APK android.

Whats Special On PES 19

You don't need to ask much about this because as a new stuff you should expect an upgrade,for sure and update has been made on the pro evolution soccer which brings high players like
Lukaku, Morata, Higuain, Dembele, Sanchez, Suarez, Mane, Messi, Ronaldo, Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Lewandowski, Eden Hazard, Kylian Mbappé, Pogba, Williams, Sergio Ramos, John Stones, Ngolo Kanté, Sane, Aguero

What Music Features The PES 19

Another good stuff for us is that after downloading this anticipating PES 19,installing it successful and then launch the game, you will notice that there's song applied and this makes the game to give more fondness for us who are playing it.The predecessor PES 2018 is one of the step that brought out the PES 2019 meanwhile we will only see and upgrade but will also see some features that's in the previous game PES 2018.The shooting,passing,tackling,the goalkeeper and lot more are one of things you will like once you install the game. Free speed,move and playing skills are upgraded in PRO E SOCCER. Don't think much about the graphic because awesome even the UI.

Players in  PES 19

New Players,Clubs and Stadium In PES 19

In the new PES 19,not only that we have seen more features but there's new players,clubs,stadium and new jessey added.In PES 19 you new league,Kite added.You will also see new improved training ,general training with corner kick off training.

PES More Features

  • Players reaction
  • Russia FIFA 2018 world cup
  • New Club uniform with colors
  • Players laughing and fighting
  • Red and Yellow Card Reaction
  • In PES 19 you allowed to manage your own club team
  • Go on competition with team to battle other clubs
  • You are allowed to customize your own team 

PES 19 size,version and the compatibility

  • Name: PES 19
  • Size is 54 MB as for the APK
  • Version: 2019 version
  • Updated On July 8 2018
  • About 600+ current download
  • Compatibility from 4.0 and newer versions 
  • Rating 3.5/5
  • No Paywall

What You Need/Requirement of PES 19

  • Android device at least from 4....
  • Make sure your android is 1GB RAM but as for i think from 2GB RAM is the best
  • Your android storage should have higher storage 

Where Can I Download PES 19

  • To download the PES 19 you can check the download link on our Download Links page with other files
  • You can follow our last post to learn how to install it.

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