How to Disable Pixel 3 XL Notch with Black Cutout

Most of the recent phone device are now welcoming notch at the top of the screen. While many of the are small and some looks like hole of drainage. As the google P 3 XL, certain we are not condemning it but as matter of fact some people are criticizing it after the hug and large notch was shown on a leaked photo of P 3 XL.iPhone also come up with this style of notching top screen although i don't think the iPhone notch is much larger than the Pixel 3 XL which we are talking about and you can take a look at here. Give me Pixel 3 XL with notch and i will reject it ? well is not all about that but after it breaks that the upper hole at the top of the Pixel 3 XL can be handle with setting it looks more interesting to it.

Don't go more further in seeking how to get ride of this annoying but good notch. Desperately some might refuse to by or order the new Pixel 3 XL but following some nasty news that has to do with the notch, they back off switch over to another. So does this means that the notch which bit closer to front earpiece is bad or can we say that's part of the design.
How to Disable Pixel 3 XL Notch with Black Cutout

A twitted post on twitter show what the Pixel is all about. If did hear madebygoogle saying on twitter that their notch is actually less than many top competitors. Already he first start by saying the notch enable us to provide the best camera.

The notch enables us to provide the best cameras (two, one of which is wide angle) and audio experience. Pixel 3 also has a smaller border & front-firing speakers to provide optimum sound quality. Our notch-to-display ratio is actually less than many top competitors,madebygoogle said on twitter.

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Well if there's any way to cover the Pixel Notch fans will be happy and during the conversation with Madebygoogle, it was disclosed that there's a way to hide the notch. Already i have seen it myself just like Xiaomi Pocophone F1 show how to hide their own notch. Previously i saw a photo showing the Pixel 3 XL with no notch and the one with the big notch. I was like asking is this not the Pixel 3 we know but it later show to me how to hide this from the setting.

Madebygoogle, during his chat with fans, he unveiled that there's a possible way to do this and here on logs, am going to show you how to do that right way and it will only take us eight step to hide this notch from settings. When i mean eight step mean you don't have to stress yourself but follow below instruction to do this.

How Can I Hide Pixel 3 XL Notch Like That Of  Xiaomi Pocophone F1

  1. Open your phone menu then go to settings
  2. From setting,continue scrolling down till you see system 
  3. Select/tap the system from the sittings
  4. Now you need to select about phone
  5. From there you continue scrolling down until you see Build Number and once you see it tap it seven 7 times and something like dialogue box appears on the screen telling you now a developer
  6. Now you have to go back to settings menu and then type notch from the search bar and you can see it on top
  7. Now after typing you will see a search result show display cutout there you tap it and it will take you to developer options menu 
  8. And last thing is to select Hide about you have tap on cutout and you will the notch Pixel 3 XL cutout with a black color 

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