How to Check running Processor on Android & More

Just like we human getting exhausted after a particular work done and which has taken more of strength,your phone also get breakdown most times due to overload work specially a device that runs low processor. Knowing the work of the processor guides us to eliminate some running apps just to free the device to carry out fast task and return extremely fast whenever we are making use of the device be it phone,windows probably Mac devices. Acknowledging the work of the processor also suggest us to upgrade to a new and higher device that has been upgrade with a fast performance mean while here on linkslogs you will be how to check your phone processor and know why your phone slow.

How to Check running Processor on Android & More

You ought to consider it because that is what tackle and enhance your smart devices if only you phone is running one of the higher processor. You make calls,play games,browse around the internet,watch video, install intelligence app for work and lot more. All this are what you you or any device carry on but most times most of us have devices that can't maintain on the above mention but owing to the low processor.

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Every OS has this processor and it all looks like the motherboard. Might not know how the motherboard works, it serves as part of the major hit keyword in this post. Talking about processor we also talk about CPU but without much being said, below is how you can check the processor or any phone you are using.

How To Check Phone Processor

Unlike Windows, we can easily check the system processor my view the the properties of the Computer via the window logo at the bottom of the screen but most of our android device are to structured that way meanwhile for use to check smartphone processor, we need to bring in third-party apps to enable use carry on this task. This also means that there's many of the programmed apps on Play store you ought to have in your device to check this.May be i should recommend some for you. Go to google play store on the search bar you search for any of this app CPU – Z, My device, Android system info. You can also see them on the internet.

Alternatively and one of the easy way to see your phone processor is follow the step below

Step One

Just navigate to your setting either from the drop down notification or from the menu side and go to setting from there you select about phone. It will then view all the information about your device you are using

Step 2

In this step you will see another way to see your processor. Is easy and save and you can make you of this step to check the processor of the APK phone and the PGK which are the android and iOS devices.Remember that i just mentioned CPU -Z now is time to apply it after you download it from play store.

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Run the CPU-Z app once you have installed, now once it open you will the first tap viewing the cores which your phone has which includes the GPU,the speed and the architecture

There  you will also see a tap with device name and once you select it you will be seeing more information about your phone. You will also see the sensor tap and once you select it you also see the sensor installed on that device.

You will also see the Thermal tap which explain the temperature of the device. This app is one of the popular app use in checking information of any ..vice.

Step 3

In this step we will be making use of a new app but is called My Device. If you have used it before at least you will know that you can use it check the information of phone.Look for it on G play store and install it.Once installed, run it and then select list and there you will see more option. Look for CPU in the option presented to you and then you see your processor info.

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This is how to check the processor of your device. Please also note in the second step above, you can still apply it on iOS device as well.

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