Best Android Texting Apps On Google Play Store

Google play store is any arena where you can make a prestigious choice in terms of selecting apps that will help your android phone either Samsung,Tecno,HTC, Pixel 3 and the rest of them. We all know that google play store is capable of giving any app we are looking for but if you are unable to reach out or get the app you are looking for it means the apps has not join the play store itself.

However, today on linkslogs, Links will option out some few apps to enable us enjoy our android device. If you bought yourself a new smart machine i think you need apps to install, moreover any device experiencing first use should be able to install apps because the phone is only having company apps but for us to upgrade it more, we need to bring in third-party to make it more flexible for us.

In this post you will be seeing some of this apps that we have revived so far. It is an apps that you can use to text. Am going to detail them in a simple way but you need it to get things done, to help you maintain your android phone as well. I will be selecting about ten apps in google play store. Remember there's many of them in google store but the fact is that not many of them can render your service the way you like it. Some lack some features and some of the even have errors when trying to get them installed in your smart device.

But don't worry about this, i will show you the best apps to download and install in your APK service. You will only select any one you think is better for you in the listed ten below. Please also note that you only download this texting app from google store at least you can trust them rather than searching for apps on a specific website. I will start from android messenger app which is one of the popular texting app in google play store.

Android Texting App Messenger (Android Messenger)

Well i can't only subject it as texting app but there's also clue you can compare. This is a texting app quite sure but the work it provide is beyond texting app. Android Messenger is an app that gives great features for your android. It text,it share  photos, it can also share videos if you want to share with your friends. One of the impressing stuff is that the app is very cool to use meanwhile you don't need to go for extra moral lesson to enable you know how to us Android messenger app.

I have not install this app but following the interesting thing i have seen so far, i think we need to check it out. When in installing this app sure you enable the unknown source from your setting. Although not every app from google play can asking for this but you doing this before you download the app away from play store.


Do you like personalizing your things the way you want and if yes this app can also give you the chance to do that for real. It is SMS texting app which you can use to text your friends. With it stylish format, you can use it to set up more color for texting. It features many things that has to do with text.Just like i said earlier in this post, all the app we are presenting here on linkslogs are most ranked app that your android phone need.

Tetra sms app, of course i use it before after a friend told me the app is one of the leading texting app as for android device. I got the app installed in my android phone though it was amazing, full of customization.This app is available both for android and iOS users can also enjoy the tetra sms for iPhone. Sign to google play store to get this app but alternative way to download it is from the internet.


May be if you want to get this app for android, just consider you will be able to lock it because there's a feature for that. The power consumption of your android battery will be conserved. Another thing Chope SMS can do for you is that you can secure the app with password also. You can trash off some annoying sms from anonymous people and also blacklist them for them not to connect with you.

for texting and blocking unwanted sms

Mood Messenger

Here is another texting app with one of its great feature which will also do the same work with what i have mentioned above. Customize,share information like location and even do more with it. But it does not features security like the Chop SMS. Android users can download Mood Messenger from google play store but as for iOS am not sure for you guys but you can take a step on iTunes to check for it. Watch below video to see more about Mood Messenger.

Plus SMS

I install this type of SMS service in my phone. But the only thing i can tell you is that is cool app for android users and if you have not download it from google play store you can get it here on linkslogs as well. The app features the same feature with Chop SMS as both welcome locking mode for the app. You can lock the app any time you like just to keep your privacy and to avoid people peeking into your sms.

The video above shows more about the app. A very good app with paywall ?  yeah the app is payable meanwhile for you to get the full access you need to pay for this app Plus SMS.


The common feature of GO SMS PRO is that it allows you to protect your, it comes with amazing features of customizing. If your android phone is dual sim, this app can help you to do more in switching over. Just like when you are using new whatsapp feature which enables a pop-up chat, the SMS PRO can do the same for.  As for blacklisting, i have no idea about it with this app but i strong believe that it is one of the leading app which you need. Apk users should head over to play store for it while iOS users should try their lucky on iTunes.


Well why people like this app is because the night mode ? yeah it might have that which i have not mentioned in above mentioned app. If like night mode just like me you need this Hand Cent Next SMS. Apart from the night mode you can also do more with app. It features pop-up stuff and with custom feature. Check out on play store if you have gmail account while iPhone people should check it out on iTunes stuff.


Facebook is popular and almost many people understand this app. Facebook messenger is another app you need for your texting. One of the common thing it allows is video calls,texting and also cool to use. As for me i don't normally use it but you can install it for your android to help you for easy chatting. Of course is also available on play store and iOS users should download it from iTunes.


The app is called yataa app. You can also use it for texting. it comes with good features and also supports many things like chat in group, and also features MMS. You can pay for this app if you want but can still use the normal version but it lack some feature.


QKSMS is also one of the great stuff to be install in your device.As the name sounds, it utilizes speed. One of the fastest apps with tons of features. You can enter into a conversation and go out without been bogged down. It is one of the reliable apps and it is completely free to use.

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