How To Stop Auto Reload On Chrome Tab Web Browser: Simplest Method

I know you hate this but to me the first day i noticed this stuff i was like very excited but i finally realized that my bundle data is off from the web.What i mean here is that the web browser called Chrome has so many features which you handle and which you can't handle may be if you research that's when you will be able to do that.So what are we going to discuss here,probably you keep wondering why the Chrome keep reloading every seconds or minute.Google has built in that such but to most people is annoying because it can exhaust your data and so many people has aimed to stop this nasty that they are seeing.

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Is all about reloading automatically and in this post which is appearing on linkslogs,i will be showing you the most simple steps to stop Chrome from kill your browsing experience or getting you more wondering of that might be.In this post also i will be talking on two important things that will help us to stop this Auto reload browser which is the Chrome Flag and the Chrome Great Suspender Extension.

The Chrome Flag

I know you have heard about the Chrome Flag,if yes or no,i will like to show you what you can do with this and how you can easily enable it from your Chrome browser.Like i said earlier,google Chrome has many features that most of us don't know and might not know the important of these features though the browser has been built to monitor all your activities but you can still go anonymous if only you know what you are looking for.

Chrome flag is where google put some eye on the tap.they want your online to be updated even if you are in another leaving other taps open and running.To me i normally see them as experimental features that Google is cooking up in their labs and you should know what that means.So how can we stop the Chrome Flag.well i think that's very easy if only you can follow these simple steps below.

Now if you want locate the Chrome Flag,then run the Browser in question and open a new tap if you are not on any.Chrome,some time is a command browser in such that if you want to access any feature you can leave a command via the tab or search just like when you want to stop Chrome Auto Video play you will just use command to access that location in the browser.

So for use to locate the flag stuff,open a new tap and type chrome://flags/ .To me i always see those as a command and once you typed it just hit the enter from your computer and it will take you to a new location in your browser and where you will see Experiments.Now that you are there,you will also need to run another search but this time it will take us what we are looking for.

Hope you are in the Experiment side now,there also you will see another search bar with search flags.In that bar,use it to locate automatic tab discarding.Note that as you are typing the query you be see some suggestions of what you are looking for.When you are done typing you surly see the automatic tab discarding.

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On the right hand side you will see a drop down menu and there is where you will make your choice by disabling the Auto stuff.Again once you disable the Auto reload the flag will notify you what the action you selected can do and i think it will tell you that the tab auto reload will stop.Don't worry,even it stop Auto reload it will not close your tab.

Once you are done making choice,look down you will see relaunch and that's where you will sip what you just do.You are now happy i guess so but we are not yet done but for the fact that we have disable the Automatic reload follow the above steps below,i will like to detail more about this Chrome just to guide you.

If you really want to see all activities that's running around your Chrome you also think of seeing the chrome discard.The discard in Chrome enable to stop tabs and also monitor them.Now how can i locate the DISCARD FEATURE in Chrome,,just following the first step and you use the search to get what you are looking for in google Chrome.Just on a new tab and type chrome://discards and it will take you there.

Now once it open,you will see a table with some important note down of what is happening around your Chrome Browser.There you will URL of the website, visibility, and activity and more.The table will contain column showing is happening in your browser and if you noticed any of them kill your browser experiment like the video play,you easily stop them by following this.

Using The Chrome Manger To Stop Activities

You can also use the Chrome Manger to mange this activities,here i mean the manger that chrome comes with and which can help you to get red of somethings in your browser.So,for you to locate just open the menu which you can see it under more tools.
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Now on the tack column,there you will see all the tabs which are open for you take action.Once you any of them consuming a lot you terminate it right away.As you can see you are now ready to stop any running automatic tab anytime you want it.

Using The Great Suspender Extension.

Well this is a third-party method to help you get ride of all those nasty reloading browser can only install it and after that you have to make some changes through your settings menu to get things started.Install it and run it and on the right hand side that is where you will see and mange the tabs you want.

Google Chrome is one the best browser which is highly secured by google.There main purpose is security not only you are browsing but google want to get all information about any specific device.You can also learn how to delete information from google and install Chrome in Ubuntu.

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