Windows 10 File Transfer Made Easy With a Solution On How To Move Files to Other PCs

Windows 10 is a nice window for this new era or generation to have.Most of the people has confirmed that the Ws 10 (Windows 10) so great while some people who are still learning how to use might have not see the advance technology which the Microsoft has for.So as for those who are still on first stage of Windows 10,probable you bought one but you are finding it difficult to transfer file,this post is not only meant for solution but to show you how you can transfer file to any of the destination you want.

The Ws 10 is has a great feature and as time goes on it keep leaping updates for it operating system.Having said that,below is how you can be able to transfer files from windows 10 to any system of your choice.Here i will be talking about the Windows 10 NearBy Share.

Windows 10 File Transfer Made Easy With a Solution On How To Move Files to Other PCs

NearBy Sharing a of the feature in Windows 10 which gives you the access to move,export,transfer files to fellow device.So how can i start the NearBy Sharing with my Ws 10.

How To Transfer Files  Using Windows 10 NearBy Sharing

The thing which very common is the Bluetooth.Yeah,you will turn on the devices Bluetooth on,both the one that is receiving the one that is giving just turn the on then after you need to enable the Windows 10 NearBy Sharing on.To do this go straight to Settings > System > Share experiences. There you can choose who to share and receive content from and the folder the received files are stored.

how to turn on windows 10 file sharing

If you still don't understand how to enable the On and Off,of the Bluetooth,WiFi and the NearBy Sharing,you visit the Windows 10 Action Center to do this.Alternatively you possibly press your Windows Key + A just to take you to the location and once you see that then you can enable any of the sharing method you want to use.

Another place for to see the sharing tools is via the Notification.Move to the Settings > Notifications & actions > Add or remove quick actions and enable the button you need. You can only switch over to this if only didn't see it after Windows Key command.

Windows 10 File Transfer notification

Now that we have enable/On the connectivity method of our choice,the nest step is to head over to the file explore.This is where we can locate the file which we want to share with other device.Once you see the file you will then click on Share to execute what we want.Note that you will click the share tab from the Ribbon and then the Share button. Or, a quicker action is to just right-click the file you want and choose Share from the menu.

So the next pop up is where you see a list of available device and there you select the one you want to share your file with.If you’re sharing the file, you will see a notification that the device is being contacted to send the file.

On the other device, a notification will pop up, so the user can accept or decline the transfer. If there is no response or something isn’t configured correctly, the transfer will timeout. And you will find the file saved in the Downloads folder or whichever one you set it to in the Shared experiences in Settings.So that's it.

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