Smart Call Recording Apps For Android Users With Good Features

Hey Guys,today i will be sharing some smart apps for your Android device.Hope the word recording is not that new to us but what exactly can we sue it when talking about recording.Recording apps helps us to record calls either incoming and outgoing.I also understand that there's many of this apps on Google play store which you can also take a sip but what if you have tested one yet you are not satisfied with some features.

Well,that's looks awful that most of this apps online might not be capable to function as expect,however,here on linkslogs i will be sharing at least those recording apps just for calls and which comes with good features that we all ever think of seeing.

Call Recording Apps android phone

Import Of Call Recording Android App

Before i start detailing more about this Top,i will like you to acknowledge the important of call recording.
  • It helps Us to Spy on someones
  • Call recording app presents voice record when you are done with your incoming/outing calls.
  • It saves records,may be if you want to play it back.
So that what you should bear in mind of what the app can do for you.Now i have given you some clue about this recording call app so lets move forward for more highlight with some name of different apps on Play.

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Smart Apps For Call Recording For Android Users

All Call Recording

Well,i don't really know if you have given it a trial.This app recording for call has been on google play store for years,having about thousands of downloads from different platform.Of course you don't need to stress yourself because it has been built with a simple and easy interface for your recording stuff.It also comes with share button which will allow you to share to your friends via email.So for you want to download this app,you can visit our download Links page/Google Play Store/All Call Recording.

Auto Call Recorder

recording apps 2018 2019 for android
This is another call recorder that you need.It is called Automatic call recorder and you know what that means once you install it on your device probably your Android Phone.The app develop by one of the app developer called SMEROBOT.It has a good interface but unlike the All Call Recorder.Although the app is not much similar with above app but you can also she it with the share button to what apps,vibe and more.But one special thing here is that you can lock the app you want.Check it out on our Download Links Above

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Advance Call Recorder For Android

list of call recorder free android
Another app developed by a developer called Systweak aimed for android users.So,what can advance call recorder do for us.With this app you can record calls incoming or outgoing.another thing it can do for us is that it gives you a free version which lacks some functions and if you still want to activate the pro version they you can pay for it.Is an automatic recording like Automatic call recorder.This app is can't drain your battery because is a lightweight app.Block unwanted calls,incoming and outgoing.To download it check out the Download Links above.

Smart Audio Call Recorder

smart android recorder
All those apps mention above is a very good recording apps with good features which is trusted by many users.Meanwhile,another app with another good feature for your call recording is Smart audio call recorder.Why do i need need this app! with this developed by TravelDiary,it gives you the ability to setup your recording calls incoming and outgoing.It gives you respective format which you can save your audio speech just in mp4 or 3gp and you can also apply the security option be locking the app.See it on our Download Page above.

ACR Call Recorder

android acr recorder
It is called call recorder ACR use for call track down.This app comes with free and pro meaning you can also pay for the pro version if only you are not satisfied with the free version of its type.Can i say it enable you to save your recorded call in many format you desire.A lot format style is there for you to make your option.It also comes with share button for sharing.Download it using the like provided above.

Total Call Recorder

call recorder app for androi
In our  last suggested Call Recorder,here is total call record with its style of recording call for you.what can it do or features do it come with.This calling recording app gives you the same ability to record to record and when recording you apply the boot volume to increase the volume for you.

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