Pocophone F1 Review Hits Online With A Full Spec: All You Need To Know

Xiaomi finally drop a new brand of it type,a very surprising smart with a name Pocophone F1.The device has surfaced with a new shape.Xiaomi is back with a trending smart full with all expectation you might need in Android devices.Now it has emerge a online for a new look,what exactly do you think the Pocophone F1 made of Xiomai will look like.Well in this post i will be showing you some few review of this device which you all needed before making a move either to buy or order for your own sake.

The Shape Of Pocophone F1

Pocophone F1 Review Hits Online With A Full Spec: All You Need To Know
Here i will be talking about the thickness and the color which we are seeing physically.F1 come with special color like black,blue red models which are separated to suite buys/users.Buying it with the color you like is not the only interesting thing but the device also come with a Kevlar rear cover

We can also compare the body with Nokia windows phones because it seem both are having the same polycarbonate, meanwhile it is a well built and also a hard protective body that strongly keep the phone safe.Making the red color as your choice worth it all because the Pocophone F1 Kevlar rear cover seem look beyond good unlike others colors.Do you really like a headphone jack,camera lenses,fingerprint sensor and more that has to do with Camera and fingerprint,just turn the back and see it all but also note that the headphone jack about 3.5mm which also look good.

But one that might push away attractiveness can be the lack of being slim.Oh i mean that the 
Pocophone F1 is such a thick stuff not even handy.Well that is not what i exactly think or see as of the down side of this device but the thickness is what made it look more strong.

Pocophone F1 Screen

 Pocophone F1 creen size
Is the thickness of the phone affecting the screen,well thats obviously no,although you buying or having the F1 device it also imply that you will be have LCD with 6.18-inches which looks more impacting as the case may be but we never compare it with the iPhone X cus is Poco F1 screen is larger than the iPhone X.

Now talking more about the Xiomai Poco F1 screen, i think is about 6.18-inch LCD just like i said before and it well about 2,246 x 1,080 pixel as for the resolution.It is decorated with chin,bezels, notch just like we normally see those new brand device with Top notch and is similar with the Google Pixel 3 XL.But looking at the notch of the the Poco F1,i realize that has a very big one unlike other notch though you don't need to get it twisted as that one of the product decision.

One of the amazing stuff we heard about the notch is that the face screen notch is not functional meanwhile many said that is an estate because the stuff is very large and seem to be the larger notch to be compare with other android phone.

How Does The Pocophone F1 System Performance Works

Uhm i think that is one of the things which the device can be counted because it performs very good.Surprisingly the Poco F1 is having a high Qualcomm processor than other flagship devices in the market.The Qualcomm Snapdragon is about 845 and also welcome 6GB of RAM.But in some other phone the can push the cost of the smart more higher in other way round the Pocophone F1 very cool in cost.

Are you a gaming type,then if you really want the best in playing just buy one F1 and see the efficient work.the RAM is the reason why most of the people and getting the phone irrespective of other features.Fortnite,that is one of the game you might check out with the new released brand Poco-phone.

One Of the shocking is that,the AnTuTu score is higher than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, close to the OnePlus 6, and one step away from the 273,00 scored by the Galaxy Note 9. But keep calm about performance on this phone cus you will definitely enjoy it.When it comes to battery draining or may be you are on benchmarking as well gaming,the device will walk you throughout this sessions because the battery is strong enough to handle more.

Pocophone F1 Camera

Pocophone F1 camera lens and color
This is another sparking feature from the Poco phone.Are you a photographer,do you really want alternative shot machine for this year or next,if so,the Xiaomi product should be your favorite.Although i don't really know how you feel if i said megapixel not beyond 12 and when it comes to sensor though is a dual-pixel autofocus, and is paired here with a second 5-megapixel sensor.

Do want to see how the Pocophone F1 works,then take it to waterfall side for a shot or stay in a very cool environment.Now,the device gives you a dual lens setput if only you have gotten one for yourself and you don't need to worry because the lens setup also gives you portrail mode just for you to have a nice shot.I really imagine how it manage to capture phone when the screen brightness was turn down to the lowest % yet it can help to return back great shot even if you are enable to see the screen when the sun is shining.

You got a 20-Megerpixel for the front side and it also gives a cool beauty mode software to keep your photo glittering.The blur effect,glasses,hair styles,black-and-white mode are there with to brush out nasty look.

Pocophone F1 Software and Battery

If you are missing some huge Ah battery in other android phone,i think you don't need to miss the 4,000mAh battery in poco 1 phone.Browsing around the internet,playing GTA games,taking shots and lot more.The Poco Phone can serve you doing all these things at two days before reminding you for a well socket plugin.

Another amazing and also interesting stuff is that it supports Quick Charge which is about 3.0 in speed.No time to wast because you will even imagine the charger firing up energy that will be accomplish within three hours only.

As for the version,the Pocophone is running 8.1 which also installed with Xiaomi’s MIUI Global version 9.6 user interface installed and installing of apps wont be a problem from google play store.There's one annoying thing about this phone and that can be the Notifications did not always appear on the lock screen, and icons did not appear at all in the notification bar on the home screen. Pull down the notification shade and they’re all there, but this doesn’t help much.

PocoPhone F1 Price, warranty, and availability

So finally we are getting to bottom end of the full review and which is the Price, warranty, and availability. I know buy now most of us are currently sick to get this phone know the basic thing after the about detailed info.Now,in the next falling days it will be ready in India.It has about four cost in different ways.The first one is the Pocophone F1 about $300 for the 6GB/64GB model,The 6GB/128GB version costs about $340, and the 8GB/256GB version is approximately $400. The Armored Edition with the Kevlar back panel is $430.

 Pocophone F1 black color
In some location after debuting in India,the followed up country is Hong Kong, Indonesia, and France as stated by the company.Well if you still want to have the phone to your door step,is also possible because as much as you select the global version that means you will be capable to use as well.So that's it all.what do you think.

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