Turn on macOS Mojave Dark Mode using this Tips

Do you have macOS Mojave but looking for that simple solution on how you can turn it to dark mode,if so here i will show you how to do that with this guide which am going to detail below.Am not the only person who is happy about the new introduced feature on MacOS Mojave but at looking things,it seem to me that majority has developed more interest on this Apple new hit which is the 10.14.We can also compare this with the YouTube dark mode because all of this are solution of how to get ride of all this white blinding stuff.So read on below and see how to solve this prob. and is very simple.

Pleas also note that you can enable this macOS Mojave Dark Mode during the night time or may be any dark environment.As for me i turn it on anytime i want to browse the internet. So this are the best time to turn on or enable the macOS Mojave Dark Mode.

Enable or Turn On MacOS Mojave Dark Mode

If you do notice at the first during the installation of the macOS Mojave theme,it will show you or ask you if you want to use the dark mode or switch to it.But if you have no idea of what that means and you continue the installation and later you think of enabling it.You can follow this step to enable the skip process during your installation.Navigate to System Preferences > General > Appearance as shown in the photo below.

If you are still confuse about this,i think you should get to it by following this step.Just go to your Apple menu by the left icon labeled general and select the General once it open,the next step after you have select Gen,there is a new two option about the dark mode.Select the last option by the right hand side as shown below photo.

general appearamce of mac darl mode

As you can see the above photo is where you can do some settings about the macOS Mojave Dark Mode.This is to enable or change it to the color you want and there's about eight colors there for you to use and customize but you can leave it to black to suit your test and you can also rest it anytime you wish.This dark mode on mac also have it support in most of the system apps meanwhile once you have enable it,it will take effect in various places that's shinny with white.As for third party apps,apple also has the API which will also help you to turn the dark mode.

How You Can Turn Off The macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Well,if you finally want to take the odd step may be after you have used it and want to disable it just follow the below step to do so.Although there's no much difference in turning it on and the turning off is just applicable with the first step as shown below.Here once again you select the Apple Menu Icon at the top left and then select System Preferences.

how to turn off disable dark mode on mac

After the above process you then, click on General then Choose the First Option (Light Mode) under Appearance.
dark mode appearance on mac

Essentially, just quickly go back into System Preferences > General > Appearance and deselect dark mode and it’ll default back to the original light mode we’ve all used for years.Remember, the macOS Mojave update is still in a limited beta, and won’t arrive for the public until later this fall. So, save this guide and come back when the update is ready so you can try Dark Mode. Then, check out these 11 Great Mojave Features You’ll Love.

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