Simple way on how to screenshot on the LG G7

Do you own a simple LG G7 and you don't know how to screenshot with it,this tip will help you to do so and follow the instruction below to do that very easy and likely to be one of the popular method of screenshot on Android devices . As for LG it method of handling this like this is a different case as most of the companies have their own method to shot from the screen.There's also some apps that help you to do this but with having the third party apps installed in your phone,you can still takes it using both hands but you have to follow this simple tips.

Simple Way On How To Take A Screenshot On LG G7

If you do notice,the fingerprint is at the back of the phone and that's one of the assist that will help to do this.So If you want to screen-shot,Hold the Volume Down and the Power bottom which looks fingerprint all together.Now once you do that you hear a sound which is the shot sound and then you how to use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to Share, Edit, or capture a Scrolling Screenshot.
LG G7 and LG G7 Plus
As i mentioned about the fingerprint,it is the where the phone act as the power button meanwhile if you want to take a screenshot on LG G7 you need to hold the fingerprint which is at the back of the phone.Most phone have their power button at the side of the phone and you can easily hold it with some other buttons to make your.Unlike the Galaxy Note 8 screenshot,the screenshot is not complex but having more alternative which you can make your screenshot.

Many who have this LG G7 but don't know how to take a shot on the screen use this method and see it working.If you tried it and didn't work out may be you should try it again because sometime it don't normally go that straight if you don't hold those button as instructed.Also not that once you made the shot,you will hear the sound and drag down the notification status to see it.

I still have another interesting stuff about how to screenshot on this device but that might be you alternative way of doing so.This time you will will need to do some settings on phone by going through the settings in the phone.I do refer this a dictate to the phone and if want to enable this,just follow it like this,Settings > Display > Home Touch Buttons > Button combinations > and add Capture+ to your on-screen buttons. Now, there’s a dedicated icon on the bottom of your screen for screenshots, as you can see in our screenshot above.

Basically, you can add the Capture+ button to the bottom of the screen next to the back and home keys. Personally, we keep this disabled, so it doesn’t get in the way.In closing, start enjoying all that your LG G7 has to offer. Save important emails, text messages, or funny photos directly off your screen by taking a screenshot.

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