Samsung move to Snapdragon in collaboration with HP, ASUS and Lenovo

Here it comes again with a new professional work from Samsung but collaborating with the Qualcomm Technologies Inc.Samsung has amid a new device to hit it name again without knowing the date to expect this.The new upcoming PC device will be built with the help of Snapdragon meanwhile the device is in line with HP, ASUS and Lenovo as those are the ranking companies.following more news that surfaced online,the company in name Qualcomm Technologies said that the Samsung company will soon integrate the card in any future device.We where told also,that the Snapdragon 850 is a processor which is design for windows and is a very fast device that can connect to the net and is mainly for PC.

The Snapdragon Windows is new expected to be introduced my Samsung company after the 850 hit for Sung.It will handle much of work and can also run Microsoft duties as it was said that the device meets all those requirement.Samsung would have link their new collaboration with their smart device like in mobile but directly pull it towards a PC.The always connected PC is enhanced with high effective performance leaving a strong and reliable battery life to connect you.Some of the features includes ARM processors, integrated LTE and long battery life as i said.

Samsung move to Snapdragon 850

Also the Snap. 850 is a mobile handling after the device has been focused to be used in PC/Windows.It is also a modem customized version of the Snapdragon 845 but have the 845 version on mobile devices but Snap. 850 will be unlike that.So this device is coming on Sung soon but in PC platform and we don't need to see it on mobile.Stay tune with us for more update about this first always connected PC.

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