Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge shows a new update coming from Oreo

This is a very big thanks to AT&T after it has been confirmed that they are updating Oreo on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.Meanwhile if you are making use of Android that comes from Samsung and which is S7/S7 Edge,this information is best for you cus you all will be able to run up a new update to your smart Galaxy just from AT&T network.
s7 at&t oreo update
It come as G930AUCU4CRE4/G935AUCU4CRE4 and you all should take note of that and also the update is about 1.9GB may be we should call it 2GB.Below photo shows the sample of how it looks like.

Galaxy S7/S7 edge oreo updates

This makes AT&T the first US carrier to roll out the update given that Verizon has pulled its update again. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it might take time for the update notification to pop up on your screen, so be patient.Samsung and iPhone has been on air making such notice about there new upcoming release that will soon surface this year.Sung Note 9 was previewed yesterday showing how the cam and the fingerprint looks like.Already S10 have been leaked with detail but having some interesting feature.

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