Samsung Foldable Galaxy X set to arrive with Samsung PC Snapdragon in the same year

Samsung still want to forward ahead 2019 and if you can watch Samsung has been that active,leaving a notice about their smart device either in months,weeks and mostly year.There is great expectation from the company and following most of our updates here on logs,the high anticipating is always the Galaxy 10 which was previously shown just in a scratch,the PC Snapdragon which Samsung is teaming up with Qualcomm Technologies.But the early arrival will be that of the Galaxy Note 9 which has been set to surface this year

Now if you have not heard about the new shape of device set to arrive next year 2019,today i present to you a new name of Samsung smart phone called Galaxy X but we add it up calling a it a foldable Galaxy X.Basically to me,it seem that the company has been that assiduous on this project and has push hug capital for it.Behind the closed door at CES 2018,the Galaxy X was also mentioned but here we nabbed the working concept which is shown below.

Samsung Foldable Galaxy X

The photos was show by one of the Korean giant.The device is a gimmick to itself and this will definitely result more attention from Samsung users.It is constraints as for now because the only thing we know about it is the detail we are leaving but will fully have its specification as we welcome 2019.Galaxy X has been added to the Samsung 2019 project as source said but the G X has not get started for its parts.Source also revealed that the parts will put on work from November the same month we are hoping to see Hitman 2 game.

Galaxy X seem that smart device that want to stand alone as the shape and price of this android phone leaked to be about $1,850 and the parts for building the phone will go into production sometime in November - just in time for the 2019 launch according to one of our favorite source. Park Hyung-woo, an analyst at South Korean bank Shinhan Financial, told The Korea Times. He believes the Galaxy X will feature two inner display panels and a third panel on the outside of the phone for use when the device is folded. BGR also report.

“This new device is an interesting thing as it will have two inside panels and one outside panel with the two inside panels forming the 7.3-inch screen when the phone is unfolded,” Park noted. He said the Galaxy X will be shown off in private to Samsung’s partners during the CES 2019 trade show, but it remains unclear when the general public will get its first glimpse,as BGR report.what do you think, because we also hope to this this Samsung phone with PC Snapdragon in 2019 as i said earlier.


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