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Samsung releases Daisy Duck and Goofy AR Emoji on Galaxy S9 and S9+

After those great AR Emoji on Galaxy S9 camera shot,Samsung has dragged in Mickey and Minnie Mouse which we normally watch on TV but now having it on our cell smart device Samsung S9.While those of you who dreamed to hand over their Galaxy S8 to Samsung to get the S9 at the rate of $398.25 as the company has pushed down price.That's also GOOD but Samsung still want to electrify all those smart users with a now Daisy Duck and Goofy AR Emoji on G S9 and G S9+.So now two more of Mickey friends are available for you to personify – Daisy Duck and Goofy.
Daisy Duck and Goofy AR Emoji on Galaxy S9 and S9+

How To Install The Mickey Mouse & Friends AR Emoji

Well it will also be a pretty to share with you on how to get them on you Smart phone.So for you to do this you have to head over to the Camera and there you will need to activate the AR EMOJI MODE and then tap the button.After you,you download the Mickey Mouse & Friends AR Emoji pack. If it’s already installed, just hit the update button.see below.

Samsung one of the company like apple that believes in their productivity and they have this partnership with Disney and has already delivered Incredible 2 AR Emojis and plans to bring popular characters from Zootopia and Frozen too. Recently the company also rolled out a pack of 18 generic Emojis and there are 18 more on the way.

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