Samsung and iPhone debuting new product on August

Hmm,what exactly are we going to expect in the four months,i think all our avid will likely to peek on new device from Sung.and i.But the same thing here seem to an upgrade from a particular device just like we updated yesterday iPhone revealed to debut new device on August and September. iPhone in our last post made known that iPhone X and iPhone ES will hit in a very short fall having detailed that the iPhone ES which know as ES2 will have an internal upgrade and also a shape in reform.

While this steam on about iPhone surfacing with a new device,Samsung is also giving out new product but still a in new dimension.What might that be or what actually going to be expected on August.Well,source told us that Samsung will debut new Note Galaxy on August 9th and iPhone will smile with a new work on August 10th.
Samsung and iPhone  phones
Samsung Galaxy Note probably 9 with hit in the next four Months and details about this device which is coming up unveil that the Note is an upgrade to some parts.The Camera is already worked on and the processor still a bit similar to the previous Notes but versions of the new phone will have an upgraded processor in some markets.

According to engadget,Samsung fans can look forward to Bixby 2.0, which is debuting first on the Note 9 (note that the company hasn't officially named its upcoming Note phone, but...c'mon). The device will be revealed at the tech giant's "Unpacked" event in New York City, according to Bloomberg's sources, and Samsung plans to release it as early as the end of August.

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