How To turn on night Mode on Android OnePlus 6

By now you should know the important of turning on the night mode on your Android phone.this helps to reduce the much stress to the eyes during the time you are making use of your phone,laptop or what ever that looks shinny towards the eyes.OnePlus 6 Android device is one of the phone which you need to stay away from screen light but turning on the night Mode method is another way of saving your eyes.

As for Samsung Galaxy S9 users,i think i once shared this similar method of turning on the blue light on the screen which you might like to check it out for your own good.You ought to know also that by applying this, your are not only saving your eyes but you are straining it.So today on logs,i will show you just a simple step to hand this on OnePlus 6 Android Phone.

How To turn on night Mode on Android OnePlus 6

Follow Below Steps To Apply Night Mode

The first thing you need to do to go through the setting,i mean open the setting app and then you head over to the device category and there you will see display submenu and then tap it.After tapping the display submenue it will take you to a new screen where you will see night mode and there you will need to tap the night mode.Now under Manual, slide the Turn on Night Mode toggle.
night Mode on Android OnePlus 6
Now with this settings you just apply,your screen light should take a new shape and the screen light will because just warmer.The above method i show above can be refer to an automatic way of turning B mode on OnePlus 6 but if you still want to make your own custom settings about this steps above or custom time range for Night Mode just follow the step below to do that.

From the night mode settings which is under the scheduled  night mode,tap turn on automatically and once you tap one you will see a pop-up menu where you will see custom time range and then tap it.Select From, and set the desired starting time for Night Mode using the pop-up clock.Tap To and set when you'd like Night Mode to end. That's it all.

OnePlus 6 is hitting a new color which is white and it will be on sale starting from tomorrow being 5th of June at 10AM ET.The white OnePluse 6 device will be expensive although will have great feature.Is coming with 8GB in RAM and as for the storage you are expecting to have about 128GB as for storage but it will cost you $579.

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