Nokia 5.1 is now available in Russia to pre-order

This is to get anyone who are waiting for the Nokia  5.1 Android that the phone is now available as for the pr-oder.But while that gets to us,there's only one location that the pre-oder starts it first move which is from Russia.Nokia 5.1 is assured to go viral. HDM will now accept any pre-oder on the way meanwhile we are hoping to see more of those who would like to take a chance from the HDM market.Nokia 5.1 pre-oder price is yet to be revealed but just agree that the price will be lower as expected and if you have that budget of €189/$219 you are likely to get it for real.

 Nokia 5.1 is now available in Russia to pre-order

Is there any other place that we should see the Nokia 5.1 on early pre-oder.the answer is yes and those of us here in US will also get ready to make the demand as the the phone received approval from the FCC earlier this month.Nokia company is also going to launch more Nokia product India and people over there should wait for Nokia X6.

Source: Mobileshop, Moneycontrol

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