More of Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Online

Thinking of Galaxy S10 this time around is too early and as many of us are willing to see more of Galaxy work,more rumor has also surface online about some spec on Galaxy S10,i think this is going too fast.Previously on logs,we already mentioned some leaked parts of this Galaxy S10 but the fact is that we are yet to see features of this device to be highlight by the company yet folks keep making the anticipating device to become more real by showing leaked parts like photos on internet.

The Galaxy 10 can be subjected to be one of those device that's current having new features just like iPhone X Plus which has been announced to come with three lens but looking around there's new leaked upgrade from Sung to the S10.Galaxy S10 is coming with three lens camera just like i mentioned with that of iPhone.

More of Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Online

Bring Galaxy S9 in between the Galaxy S10,the G S10 is in separate inches unlike the Galaxy S9 but the S10 and S10 plus is also in the same inches which is 5.8 inches and 6.3.Galaxy S9 and S9 plus always goes with 5.8 inches and 6.2 respectively.Talking about those flagship device from different company that has leap out three lens of a thing,Galaxy S10 can be counted as one of the because iPhone has already claimed the lens now Samsung is been leaked to join them.

We should know that revealing more of the Galaxy S9 is likely to be the Galaxy S10 because the G S10 features is extracted by the Galaxy S9 which already act the predecessor.The phone should give us plenty of clues about what to expect from the Galaxy S10, though at the moment we're not expecting Samsung to include an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Note.

Source: Techradar, Theverge

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