iPhone X Plus,iPhone X budget Leaked in new diagram

Don't even mention cus here is a diagram of the anticipating iPhone X Plus and the budget iPhone X.Still wait, giving it a little time to debut itself this year.The below photo is a diagram of the above name and its inch about 6.5 as for iPhone X Plus and 6.1 is for the budget device.Forbes co source will continue to highlight more of the leaked devices and the site has nabbed a new leaked iPhone although not a phablet like Galaxy Note 9.We have talked about the iPhone X Plus,iPhone X  but didn't show with the photos here is it below.

iPhone X Plus Inch and iPhone Budget

More of the details about this iPhones are different as for the iPhone X Plus on 6.5 inch.Following the screen measure,is clear that the phone X Plus screen is about 19:9 OLED measuring it at 157.2 x 77.1mm as you can see it below.I think there's a big differentiation if am to compare it with iPhone 8 plus with its 158.4 x 78.1mm.As it was said although seem a rumor that the next iPhone top dog will use a steel chassis (like the iPhone X), hence weighing more than the iPhone 8 Plus' 202g but we are yet to confirm this.
iPhone X Plus
If  i should said that this X Plus device with its new triple camera looks awesome but what do you think about it because looking at the front face you will see more than two cam on the X plus apple product.As some details flows out from Gordon Kelly,he mentioned that the three cutouts in the render are lenses and the flash isn't shown. It will likely hang out on the side of the triple camera module. What the new third camera will do is as of yet still unknown.

One of the amazing thing with the iPhone X Plus is that it has a notch that looks like the 3 XL but i never assumed that but looking at the notch they all are the same even the same source pull out with 2.0 Face ID

The Budget iPhone

The Budget iPhone as it bears the name is having 6.1 inch as i said above.What's the difference between the X Plus and the Budget itself.Well it offers a standby cam or let me call it a single cam with Face ID number 1.0 unlike the iPhone X Plus.It has a big notch more than the X Plus.6.1-inch phone measures 147.12 x 71.52mm and is understandably taller than the X (143.6 x 70.9mm), given its bigger screen (6.1-inch vs 5.8-inch).I also feels sorry if you like this device because once you purchase it you shouldn't expect HD Touch cus it don't come along and many are not happy about this but the eyePhone good although i never peek on it.

6.1-inch iPhone 'budget'

Apple worried about the distribution of there product from suppliers and they claimed that demand is falling.May be we should hope that the new 2018 project which is the listed device will yield more than expected probably starting from this year as they released the two phones.Source also told that Apple is contemplating to low the price of their product for 2017 iPhone after we heard that iPhone X is the best selling in the market.But don't actually know if this will affect the current product follow the past predecessor iPhones.

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