iPhone X Plus,expect three lens and fast charging

iPhone X was previously said as the best selling apple product but lets also talk about the new something that has gear up on iPhone X Plus.Some of the Apple product debuting this years has a new redesigned and i think iPhone X plus will be one of those in the list.Following some report that surfaced online from Forbes,it has been leaked that iPhone X plus is coming to our step with about three lens at the back unlike the Galaxy S10.Apple is coming hard to make sure the gave out the best to their users irrespective of their expensive apple product and the company is currently want to justify the trending price of iPhone by doing extra work on their product just like they have aimed on iPhone X Plus.

In no secret about the iPhone X Plus,the trending news here is that the smart apple machine will be coming along our way with a brand three lens of it type which most of use have not peek on iPhone devices.As source told us,''Apple will introduce a three rear Camera'' to it upcoming product and this also reflect to us about how Huawei has taught Apple on how to apply this technique because the H company is the predecessor followed apple upcoming arrival.Huawei P20 Pro sits to be the phone that have gotten what the iPhone have dreamed to have.

three lens

The Apple triple lens setup is currently unknown but we do hope that it is coping that Huawei P20 Pro when it comes to monochrome camera aiding the primary and telephoto modules.Meanwhile it take it time to give the class - leading low light photography.When it comes to apple low light,it is a rival even in those years and apple is back to make some changes using the iPhone X plus to correct some nasty upon their past glory.Huawei fans,what are they saying about this i think they need a shout out from iPhone users.

Another Change On iPhone X Plus

We have get that notice that Apple is making some good change what they have think that is good for we users.Apple is pulling out the Lightning, the Hello USB-C.In some updates online and from suppliers,Apple is ditching out the proprietary lightning connector on their iOS meaning that you should not expect that but they are welcome that in a new way which is the USB-C just for iPhone and also the iPad iOS.Source has told Forbes that Apple no longer see much resource via the wired cable so they have to take a new dimension.

iPhone X Plus Charging Is A Surpass

If apple should correct some company mistakes may be this is their right time to do that.Been someone who have experience the iPhone charging,i think that's wasn't much good when it comes to charging but the company has this the reputation concerning the issue.Although the iPhone X and iPhone 8 can use a more powerful charger to accommodate faster charging, Apple is preparing to upgrade the specifications of the 2018 iPhones to allow the new models to match the fast charging facilities of the latest Android devices.

…No doubt Apple will pitch this as one of the breakout features of the 2018 editions of the iPhone X and as an amazing feature ’that only Apple can deliver. It will be leaned on heavily in the marketing messages that will come out of the September presentations.
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