iPhone X the best selling smartphone of 2018 as iPhone 8 price increase

Detailing about this three devices iPhone X,iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 as the best in the year right from 2017.Apple has sold Millions of their product since last year and walking into this year they escalate more with respective prices given to iPhone X,iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8.

X was revealed last annual with the iPhone 8 but are highly expensive in other side of it things turn out where the iPhone 8 was later sold for about 8.5 million leaving iPhone X behind with 12.7 million worth of selling and the iPhone 8 plus was sold about 8.million summing it up which result to 30.2 million.

The news is that iPhone has pushed the price of their iPhone 8 which has affected the market demand meanwhile iPhone X took advantage of that.“Although Apple’s newest model shipment volume declined, the company announced good earnings in the first quarter, mainly because of price increases in the iPhone 8 series and the super-premium price of the iPhone X,” as Jusy Hong whos is one of the consumer devices, for IHS Markit. said.
The X iPhone was once reported,hitting $300 and currently the i 8 of 64GB iPhone 8 for $699 and the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus for $799 as you can see there's changes and this has affected the rate of i 8 getting sales but i X is a bit affordable as i think.As Apple aiming to release another product this year but this year August,there's that probability of seeing the iPhone X escalating on price and the device is still coming with a new design and upgrade with iPhone ES2.  

I also uncovered that Samsung is still having good things on table and they have join Apple to release a new device and all are coming this year June and August.Samsung is one the company that's selling the best of lion share with Apple unlike
Huawei and Xiaom.


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