Instagram Released IGTV — a new app for watching long created videos

Instagram is fully wanna take over the streaming combat between YouTube and more of other streaming platform that looks like them when it comes to video and also,this is a biggest challenge that YouTube will be facing this time around because a new app is out for users on Instagram to consume a full length of video like they do on Tube.You should know in our last update about Instagram,we talked about an APP from IG which the Wall Street Journal mentioned but never told the name as IGTV.

Now Instagram is not only letting know of this app but to our great surprise the app was said to have a time embezzlement as one can create a video that can be watch for about 60-minutes-long which is one hour.Any video a user created must be on a vertical format as the report get to us that means this is exactly what snapchat has been giving to us because Snap itself do run a vertical format.This app IGTV,is built for some reasons at least users can be able to use their phone vertical and full screen.See the photo blow.

instagram  IGTV app

We learned that the IGTV will be integrated into Instagram, with new IGTV bubbles showing to the profiles of people you follow. Along with that, Instagram's also creating an entirely separate IGTV app that'll start playing videos as soon as you open it. Through the new app, you'll be able to watch videos from people you follow and creators Instagram thinks you'll be interested in.Follow what Systrom said recently,he mentioned why the IGTV is built and as we do heard from report,he said that the app is built to engage and also said that there's no ads on the video streaming may be unlike YouTube we do see.

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