HTC U12+ review needs you to know it all

In a very simple way let me share with you why you should consider the new smart from HTC.This Android device has been good although not everybody stick on it and as you all know majority of use don't value it.But this new brand U12 + is one of the android phone hold about 50% flagship irrespective that the device is not well recognize here in USA.In some cases,i thing that HTC predecessor 10 and the U11 is one of the good product from the company meanwhile there's still a reason you should think of getting something better with the HTC U12 +.

Is expensive but consider it more valuable with some important features since it review debut.What are the good things of the HTC U12,may be i should detail it below after i have uncover that impressing features but never used it though the smart merit it all.

The budget phone is has been built with a sharp snapdragon of 845,of course you are already having a dual cam once you get the HTC U12.It come with a good water resistant for your sake and also leaving a strong battery of  3,500 mAh.The H mobile is has been tested and trusted since arrive meanwhile the 2018 flagship has started making names.When it comes to its hue,there is a three color been given out during purchase and they includes Ceramic Black, Flame Red, and Translucent Blue.

One the annoying about the U12 + is that there's no wireless charge meaning you should expect it if you purchase it but another advantage of the manual charging on this smart is that it comes with Qualcomm QuickCharge giving you a better charging experience once you are charging it.What about the side button it,the side button and the volume button are has a different sharp but looking more smart than the previous work.

htc button power

HTC U12 + is currently taking its name to a new level and it also the best phone from the company.When it comes to the edge and customization i think here's a different look of the HTC 12 +. Actually this is not rarely and is unlike the company because the shape of the device change may be i should compare it with Nokia 6.1.

htc u12 shape

According to androidcentral,there's a lot to like about what HTC's done with the U12+, but one aspect you may not be too keen about is the price.If you'd like to own the U12+, you'll need to cough up a hefty $799 in the U.S. for the model with 64GB storage. Want more room with 128GB? Get ready to pay $849.HTC does offer 0% interest financing through its website to stretch that price over the course of 24 months, but even so, this is a phone that's going to put a big dent in your wallet.

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