How To put iPhone on Recovery Mode

Most times the work of this Recovery mode is to help us solve those issues that we don't even need of that taking our iPhone to somewhere else to be fixed.Recovery Mode is something that's common in most device like Android devices and more of other OS and this gives us permission to get the device to a place of fixing some issue may be to reset the phone.

You are reading this to know how to put devices on recovery mode is not even advisable if only you have idea of how to handle it and i think that is the reason you are reading this to know how to do such.

Matching Apple watch with an iPhone X

As most of us do know how to run this on Android phones and have no idea to get the iOS like iPhone to that mode in question, in this post i will spending just few minutes explaining how to do the recovery mode stuff on iPhones.I will start with some few of them,the iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone X.

iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone X Recovery Mode

One thing about getting any phone on R M is that you have to know the keys on the side and when it comes to apple devices,they are different and other predecessor that had held before the iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone is different although apple made a good work by making things easier in those iPhone that's current taking a new shape in flagship.So to get the R M on those devices highlight above,just follow the steps below.

  • The First Thing You Have To Do Is To Stop Any Running iTunes
  • No Plug The Lightning Cable UBS To The Computer
  • Now Connect The Lightning Cable To Your iPhone
  • Now You Have To Run The iPhone iTunes App From Your Device
  • Here You Come By Pressing and and Releasing (Press and Release) The Phone's Volume Up Button And Also Apply The Same With The Volume Down Button And Then Press And Hold The Side Button Until It Connect To iTunes Screen shows
That is how you can get to the recovery Mode on iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus and The iPhone X.The Next one that follows is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.Well you might see a different between the iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X recovery Mode with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.below i start

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Recovery Mode

  • Now You Have To Run The iTunes On Your Computer
  • This Time You Will Switch Off Your iPhone 7 By Holding the Power Key At Least About Three Seconds The Swipe The Power Off Slider To The Right
  • Now You How To Press And Hold The Volume Down Key
  • Now Plug The iPhone 7 To The Computer
  • If You See Connect To iTunes Screen that's When You Release The Down Key
Now The Next One is The iPhone 6 and any other below iPhones,iPad and iPod.

iPhone,iPad and iPod Recovery Mode

  • Run The iTunes On Your Computer
  • Turn The iPhone,iPad or iPod Off
  • Now There You Hold The Home Button
  • After That, You Plug In The iPhone,iPad or iPod On Your Computer

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