High Profile Stars Join Death Stranding on PS4

E3 2018 has revealed most of the actions that are expecting and during the big announcement from E3 2018 which i share here logs,i think they have leap out he most action moment irrespective that we didn't lay emphasis on this death Stranding game.While i made more research online concerning the best moment of the E3 2018,i come and realize that High Profile Stars Join Death Stranding on PS4 are ready to pull more force on the game which has has a base on PS4.Those celebrities who joined the console is said to be female once with a high class and whose name are Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

If you have actually made an eye visual on the new released trailer,i shouldn't be the one to remind you that the pair are have respective role.Report also unveiled that their character in the movie/game will be a real life appearance so are we expecting,well i don't know as for now.The High class actresses Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner are officially known as Seydoux (Spectre) and Wagner (The Bionic Woman) and they are also clapping together with one of the famous Walking Dead Character Norman Reedus and he is also the main character the Death Standing even Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water)are involved.

High Profile Stars Join Death Stranding on PS4

I don't really know much about the game as the Sony press conference still never made the secret more open but let's just be optimistic that there's a great thing out for our console/system just for PS4.We also start seeing the invisible foes who are apparently blind. Reedus's character can be seen moving through a variety of environments before meeting up with a woman who helps him to avoid detection from the invisible monsters. He later is seen with a piece of equipment that is strapped to his back which can seemingly reveal their positions temporarily, but we remain very much in the dark about any specifics--we're really just grasping at straws to piece things together.

Logs,still never believe is the game is come not for Xbox One basically the Death Stranding is work for PS4 and PC.Just like i post previously about FIFA 2018 which is coming this year but as for the EA Access,you can play it on Xbox One but you check catch it up on PS4 till the full version hits.Unlike those game we told about the releasing date like battlefield,Hitman 2 and more of them,the Death Stranding is current has no official date yet let's still hope more.

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